RHBH 330-350 thrower occasionally 400ft rip

Oct 1, 2023
Hey everyone

So form improvement suggestions and drills for 330-350ft thrower with fairways and drivers
I've been playing since may this year, so almost 5 months. I've always been explosive and quick but in disc golf I feel stiff and slow

First thing I can see from these throws is that I am stiff and I dont feel flexible at all while doing it. I came for a new term not strong arming but strong bodying, lol.
Second is my shoulder rises to my ear. Third I notice is chicken wing left hand. Its super hard for me to fix my left hand and get it to my body, it always messes my timing totally.

What improvements u see and drill suggestions for it? I'm gonna work as much on my form as possible during winter and do shadow swings at home etc.

I throw forehand same distances too even I throw and train fore for like 5% of the time, if even that
Yeah looks like you are in anterior pelvic tilt and spine extension. Lose the x-step and drivers for a while. Throw some neutral /understable putters/mids
and get loose like Drunken Master.