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RHBH- First Form Check

Feb 21, 2022
I have been playing seriously since 2019 and did a lot of field work during COVID, but haven't recently. I started focusing closely on form again and want to get to a place where I can throw with less effort. Below are some videos from yesterday (sorry about the side view into the sun). I can hit over 400' consistently and did get a throw out to 470' (measured with Udisc) on one of my throws playing yesterday.

Back view- Felon on a hyzer.

Back view- Halo destroyer on anhyzer

Side view- Raider on slight anhyzer

I should also mention that my most recent focus has been on leaning over more and that's been a huge improvement. I feel like I'm leaning enough to fall forward when I'm throwing but can see from the video that it's not that much of a bend. Feel vs real.

Any help is much appreciated.
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You are leaning too over your toes and moving too westward and have no leverage on rear leg/hip depth/buttwipe. Note how much more centered and compact Paul is winding up back deeper inside his posture and his rear leg/femur is leveraged across the rear side axis.

Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 1.15.18 AM.png

Thank you very much for the feedback and will get to work! It's crazy to me how you can feel like you're moving in a straight line but are stepping that far westward. Do you think me stepping that far westward is why it feels like I have to lean out so far forward to get the disc outside my body? For example, if was stepping 2 feet to the left side of the teepad then the disc would have to be 3 feet left of my back foot.
I'm finally able to get back into form work and have a net set up so I begin making progress towards better form. Below is a link to where I am at now:

I'm hitting speeds in the 61/62 mph range. I've tried to move less westward over my toes but it seems like I'm still pulling my whole body around. Do I need stay even more centered?
Ok, I think I was able to get the rear leg behind more on these. I gave two different angles.

These throws are slower on the tech disc. I can get up 64 mph when I feel like I keep my back to the net the whole time.
Your balance/posture get wonky on the x-step, quad dominant vs glute/hammy. Note how Paul's hips are hinged back deeper with shoulders/chest more over knees.
dntx paul posture.png
First, I want to say I really appreciate your time in reviewing my form.
Below is the link to throws from this morning where I'm trying to sit back more and get more bend in that rear leg. Seems like it's closer to the McBeth picture but I'm turning the head back sooner. It's definitely interesting in that I feel like I'm sitting way back in a chair almost but still don't have too much bend.

For reference, these throws were 60 and 61 mph.
Looks like you have over-corrected being too far over the toes. Need to get your shoulder over your knee like a battering ram into a door.
Bend/hinge from the hips, not the knees/squat.

dntx paul pz.jpg

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