So, how did you play today? Part II

Finally threw a 'clean' (all deuce) round at my local pitch & putt (Woodland Mound was just redesigned last fall).
Did the Circuit Challenge. +21/+11 blues and reds at Cornwallis Road . Not last place! 😅

Although BH no longer hurts it's now super iffy (from being impossible for a month) and FH is actually somewhat more accurate but goes not very far. Bad decision final hole cost me 2 strokes.

Weather needs to cool down so I feel like practicing more often 😬
I won my division but am not pleased with how I played. Left a lot of strokes on the course due to missed makeable putts. Putts I make in practice with regularity. Frustrating. Although I feel like I have made progress with the mental game in that more and more I am playing against myself and my potential instead of other players. Today was interesting though because the whole second round was like match play (one stroke separated top two players and others not really in contention) and we went back and forth until the last hole which decided it. I am proud of the resilience I am developing where I can bogey or dbl bgy and come back with pars and birdies. Earlier in this first season of competitive dg I would find my mood down after a mistake and hard to come back from. Today was the first full round where I felt pressure on every shot instead of just some putts here and there. I could feel my body holding a lot of tension the whole round, especially when putting. Im learning to play through that pressure and stress and learning how my body and form react to it.
I set a new front 9 course record at Nick Loutsis Park yesterday with a 1056-rated -8. The only one I didn't get was the 409ft #3. Only had to make one circle 2 putt on #1. All my other drives were twenty feet or less to the pin. I wish I had had time to play the back 9 to go after the 18 hole record of -14. It was definitely attainable.
Its more of a how-did-you-play-this-week for me.

Work is incredibly slow right now, basically no impending short-term deadlines in my planner. All I've been doing for the last week is watching lesson plans and videos of educators and evaluating their practices. So... I've had time to play disc golf on my lunch every day this week.

So I got out to Ottawa Park and played the short tees all three days. I decided to, in addition to UDiscing, put my Fitbit into its exercise mode. All three rounds were played with some minimal amount of haste. 19 holes in 50, 43, and 43 minutes (to and from my desk at work is ~5 mins). No running, except to retrieve a disc I left behind the first day. But pretty consistent movement between lies, and then taking my time to focus at my lies.

Total distance was just under 2.1 miles, about 3900 steps per round. I averaged around a 21 minute mile. My heart rate averaged 108, 108, and 104. Not a bad way to spend lunch.

Scoring wasn't great. Getting up from my desk and right onto the course doesn't lead to strong starts, so I was slow out of the gates every round. I shot a -6, -7, -7 on the par 57 19-holer. Basically 945 golf. Of course, the reverse of that excuse is the fact that I know this course very well. I just genuinely played very meh off the tee. Way too many C2 putts on a course that is all reasonable par-3s. The first two rounds I started off with a bogey on one of the first two holes.

One downside to the rounds - some shoulder soreness. First time I've felt soreness from throwing in a few months. But I also threw my FH better day 3 than either of the earlier days. So who knows. Rest, rehab, keep on pushing.

Shot that'll stick in my craw: I managed to botch a 20 footer on the very last hole of the third round. Overall, though, my putting was real shaky day 2 and day 3. So the fact that that was one of just a few C1 misses (5 over the 3 rounds) is kinda a relief. Just nothing felt like it came off the fingertips well, even with good numbers in the end (though the numbers were propped up by 5 putts between bullseye and 15').
Whew. Yesterday... on the heels of meh golf described above... went out, took 20 minutes to get warmed up, played a sanctioned round. I'm gonna go check the rating for the first time right now, I know it won't be great... 943. And based on the previous week along with my knowledge of how this course rates, I would expect that to wind up low 930s at the end of the session.

That isn't rated well for me, but being 961 it isn't near as bad a collapse as it felt.

It was a total crisis of confidence round that I got together to some extent but never totally. I think I got it together because my forehand was working reasonably well. My second hole I fluffed an approach to 30 and bogeyed on a meh putt. My third hole I yanked the drive and then fluffed an approach to 25 and bogeyed on a horrifically short putt. My fourth hole I yanked a drive. My fifth hole I early released a drive into first available, approached into another tree halfway up the fairway, bogeyed that.

It was at about the sixth hole, after lacing a FH to 15-20' deep on a soft-skip-ace-run (339'), I managed to bring to mind something I heard in the last year from an interview with Steph Curry's longtime shooting coach - their mantra is: "Good shooters miss. Good shooters don't become bad shooters." I suffered another ugly backhand bogey the hole after that but held onto the thought. Got another parked forehand on the next hole. Got a reasonable backhand to get lucky and parked the next.

Overall I managed to pull myself from a rapidly deteriorating +3 through 5 to a finishing score of -1. The putting never really came together. I had 3 long C1 misses from 30-25-30 and made the rest, including a pair of 25s, but really all 3 misses were horrible looking, as was every C2 putt.

Just gotta keep reminding myself that without practice I can't have the highest of expectations. But man I hate feeling so disconnected from the discs out there. It is insanely frustrating.
Got annoyingly anxious on a card of six in a friendly league round with some long holes and came in dead last by a stroke. Couldn't quite find my release point and was throwing poorly overall. Got a little banged up.

Nothing to do but rest and get back at it.
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Set out to play a relaxed solo round. Ended up playing 9 holes and calling it a day. Had some decent shots. Decided to rest up for a round with my co-worker's son tomorrow morning.
Four under on a fun local park course, which has been in rotation for sanctioned league. Feels like I've got most of my game disassembled at the moment. Working on release angles with new flippy discs and also stretching my putt out a bit longer.
Today I played....resiliently. 2 round tournament. Rd 1 mostly wooded course, started 3 down through 4. Then +5 over next 4. Pulled it together to finish +3 and 2 shots off the lead of division. Finished rd 2, park style course, at 2 down and birdied the last hole to force a playoff which I won on 2nd playoff hole. I was very pleased that on that last hole of 2nd round I needed to give myself a short put and hit the gap with a distance driver to land 5 feet from basket. Best of all I'm becoming much more comfortable playing under stress and pressure, not to mention managing baseline anxiety well. Much progress in first season of competition after playing casually for 8 years.
Pretty well. Then well.

6, then 5 down at my local with a guy from work and his son. Putted great, pretty good drives for the most part. Hole 6 can go fuck itself, that or I get a flick. But I lean toward the former.

Hit cage on hole 10 about an inch or two low for the one. Most well rounded golf I've played in a bit. Yeti Aviars are staying.
Played good, course I haven't played in 3 years. Only real errors I had were misjudging distances, but overall a decent round. Made some putts, and hit metal from 50-60 3 times.
Ok, sorta. New course. Very short holes. Very technical. Can't see the baskets from the tee. Often can't see them from 20 ft away. Great pro shop, though. I'll need to play it several times to figure out where to throw.
Pretty well. Then well.

6, then 5 down at my local with a guy from work and his son. Putted great, pretty good drives for the most part. Hole 6 can go fuck itself, that or I get a flick. But I lean toward the former.

Hit cage on hole 10 about an inch or two low for the one. Most well rounded golf I've played in a bit. Yeti Aviars are staying.

Less well? Hit the same course again for one solo round. -4. So It'd seem I'm backsliding. It was bogey free though and the putter cooled off. So about the same as yesterday. Beautiful day though.
Less well? Hit the same course again for one solo round. -4. So It'd seem I'm backsliding. It was bogey free though and the putter cooled off. So about the same as yesterday. Beautiful day though.
I'm feeling this.

Decided to try to redeem myself for the Friday sanctioned debacle with another sanctioned round yesterday, at Whiteford DGC in Whiteford, MI... and had the sort of round that could be described as "holding it together" for about 10.5 holes, and then it all just fell apart.

At least, this time, it was ONLY on the green. My backhand wasn't scattershot, my forehand was actually blisteringly strong and well controlled (I had an absolute rip of a Valkyrie hyzer-flip-to-flat on the 370' 13th). Though it was a hole where I threw a great controlled Raider 3' off the ground on the 300' 11th where the putting came apart. Had a lil mini-skip ace run and settled 22-23 ft deep... and just threw it off the front of the rim. A slight downhill putt I had just made for par (shakily) 2 holes before.

And I let it eat at me. Went off the rim on the next hole for par from 18. Went off the rim for par from 20 on 15. Went off the rim for par on 16. And tossed an exasperated short C2 to just get off the course on 18 with a double bogey, after I pushed a Stiletto too straight and had to retie after never coming back in bounds.

I gotta get my lazy ass back on the green. Changing up my putt without doing any practice green work is just... it hasn't been wise.
Went out this morning before work and managed to squeeze 13 holes in; played pretty well overall. Added up to +9, which is good for me. Drives were mostly good, layups were good & bad, and putting was still a mess. Missed both birdie chances I had (35' and 20') but as an elite novice I really never expect to make anything.
I played almost as much this past weekend as I did the rest of the summer (at least it felt like it). Work has interfered majorly. We had our big end of summer tournament, first 2 rounds were decent, 3rd and 4th meh. Especially by the afternoon round on Sunday my lack of play through the summer was catching up, and my elbow was telling me to cool it with the forehands.

Round 1, easy red tees: -5, a good score for me but well away from a PB

Round 2, intermediate gold tees: +3, tied my PB

Round 3, hard black tees: +9. Ok score for me, any time I don’t go double digits over is aight.

Round 4, 9 holes of uber difficult safari: +12. 2 flubbed tee shots cost me about 7 strokes total.

20th out of 50-some. Got my money back and then some. Had absolutely perfect weather which is unheard of for our late august tourney.
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We had a small 1 round, shotgun start C-tier on a modified layout for our upcoming national championships. I have been playing great coming in both in tournaments and practice, but this was the first time this layout was used for tournaments and I was hoping to put up a really good number.

It's a pretty short, mostly wooded (very tightly in parts) par 63 with several eagleable par 4s with 400-480' drives, plays pretty soft but can punish you very quickly. I started out by missing 3 15-25' putts on the first 5 holes to be 7 under through the first 5, before taking a triple bogey on the 6th hole. Kinda went cold after that, my throws got worse, but I managed to save a -4 which ended up being 50 over my rating and getting me the W in my division.

The day after I went to practice the other course we'll be using and everything felt off; my backhands were going all over the place and on anhyzer, my forehands were short and very early, my c1 putting was the worst it's been in a while and I had no chance of making any c2 putts.

Spent a bunch of extra time on everything, a 90 minute round turned into a 4.5 hour practice session, but at the end I felt like I'd fixed everything with minor tweaks.
I shot 12 under at the deer today. Had a couple of bad shots but made some good scrambles to make par.

Hit a 57ft jump putt too,pretty much the only highlight of the day other than those scrambles i made.

Seen some deer and lots of squirrels,but that's normal. I did see where a large animal had made a bed right off of hole 3's teebox. It for sure wasn't a deer,the size put me in the mind of it being a bear.

Other than that the temperature was 67 it was cloudy and not humid at all. Perfect day for disc golf.
Got in about 14 holes on my lunch break today; theme of the day was 'dam trees' :mad:. About 7 or 8 of my drives got knocked down by trees and went only 50' to 120' feet. Luckily my layup game was really solid (best part of my game) and saved it from being a worthless practice. Putting remains a mess for the most part.