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So, how did you play today? Part II

Dubs @ Creeping Creek was rough in the rain last night with Sewer bill as partner, all our drives were just slipping out but we both managed to make some long putts and not DFL.

Later after stopped raining 5 of us played a big money Tiki/Tag round thanks to Sewer bill(and partner FunkyChickenStep) putting up half his ace pot from last week. We lost 2 players after the first 9 tiki, Sewer bill and Slayter. The remaining 3 of us battled it out the final 18 tiki holes. I had 2 stroke lead going into the final 18 after the first 9, and then aced the first hole(or 10th) and got another stroke on the second(or 11th) hole for 4 stroke lead. I then lost a stroke on hole 4, but got another ace and stroke on hole 8 and managed to hold them off for the win plus the ace pot and reclaimed the #1 Tiki Tag and $60.
I played a good round (+48 on rating right now) then got hot & tired and threw a crappy round (-63 rating points) partially due to fingers too sticky for my normal putters. Where's the "head banging against wall" emoji?
NADGT at South Hills in Lebanon today. I was the only FA1, so I "won" and got the invite, but shot +12 in the first round (shorts front 9, longs back) and +8 second round (all longs except 3 and 8). I had more in me but wind and some sloppy disc choices were made. Oh well. What can you do? It was a nice day with good card mates. Nobody got hurt. We treated ourselves to unnecessary expensive coffees afterward. It was a good day.
Was able to get a rare mid week round in. My putting was on point for once and I was able to go -4 at Cedar Glades.
Good and occasionally bad.

The putter was working and approach game was solid. Had a few comically bad drives including a grip lock that went over the heads of the two groups ahead of us. Also laced a long putter anhyzer approach through a tight gap that was just a tiny bit too turned over. It hit maybe 10' shy of the basket and got up and rolled out of sight and past the next tee. One of the few times I was thankful for a backup. Without the group waiting at the next tee, I never would have guessed it made it all the way down there.

Played a slow, sweaty round at Eagle Ridge with my older son and then went out to lunch for his birthday. Although I have only played it a couple times in the last few years, I really like that course. This was my first round in a few weeks due to a combination of a foot injury and some urgent home repair work. Foot's feeling good and I have maybe two hours of work left on my project.
Two rounds with friends at Channahon. Two +6's on the short, so I'm mildly proud of the consistency I kept. First round was slightly windy, which put some hesitation into EVERYBODY. Then the wind picked up to comedy levels. Lot of medicine shots, some great saves. Couple huge shots off the tee (for us olds anyhow). Impressive roller par save from absolute hell. Nearly lost discs. Great day for the Stingray to park what the putter couldn't keep up with.
Disc golf is pretty okie dokie.
Threw par at Endicott Park in St. Louis for just the second time ever, the last time being over a decade ago. Not the toughest course in the world but technical enough that it's hard to put 18 good holes together. Ended with a turkey on 15-17, parking 16 and 17. Guess I need to play every Father's Day now.
Did alright. Super windy practice round for sanctioned league. Giving myself the freedom to throw flat or slight anhyzer to flex shots out a few times and am surprised at the distance. Had a pin high drive on a hole labeled at 406. That seems a bit crazy for a guy that struggles to hit 300. Maybe their measure was off. Also got my C7 vertebra to move a couple days ago. I think it's been jammed up for more than 20 years after a horrible fall. Instantly less tension in my off shoulder. This all feels good!
ugh. It was too hot and I can't putt (might as well scoober putts, can't be any worse) and I can't keep midranges in the fairway and I can't get a 700 rated round and I can't be be in last by less than 10.

Why do I keep doing this? Still have to finish the tourney tomorrow somehow
Not great as far as score, four under but it was for charity and all CTP's. That was better as I won a couple different $50 gift cards to eateries, a retriever, couple score keepers, t-shirt and coozie.
Well I played round 2 better +10 vs. +22 on an easier layout but so did everyone else 😬 So the rating is only 684 vs 674..Was actually playing pretty well but forgot how to throw off the tee the last few holes!
I started the day at Shara in South Haven, MI (18) with my family. Played pretty well and everyone had fun.
Played Liberty Woods in Chesterton, IN (18) solo. Fun course. Had some really nice shots and a few terrible ones.
Then stopped at Alsip DGC in Alsip, IL (7+2 safari) because why not play in 3 states in 1 day? Just took a wizard, mirage, and a stego.

My family is vacationing in Michigan this week, but I have to work so I made the best of it.
Devou Park Classic yesterday. My play over the past week has been pretty much garbage, so I went into the tournament with pretty low expectations. Despite the heat and humity I felt pretty good warming up, though.

After the first 18 holes, two of us were swapping the lead of the MA4s (no other old guys were willing to join me in the MA60s for 36 holes on a rolling course in Kentucky in mid-summer... what gives??? ;) ) and I was down a stroke with a respectable +8. My next 9 holes were just weird, bogies on the easy holes and pars on the tough ones. With four holes to play, I was two strokes down and figured I need to card a birdie or two to get back in it, so I made a throw that went 50 feet almost straight to the side and made a complete circle in the road before settling OB. I took a double on that one and thought I was out of contention, now down by four. I made a bit of a charge in the last three holes and picked up three strokes, including a final hole birdie. I wound up seven over my rating, so no complaints.

So, in hindsight, happy with my play in general, annoyed that I tried to pull off a shot that was way beyond my capability, and happy about finishing second at a course that I haven't always played well. I did end the day winning one of the two post-tournament closest to pin competitions. All-in-all, a good day of disc golf.