Thatdirtykid 2023 bag

Between injury and just inconsistency my game has been all over the place lately.

In an A tier last weekend I was struggling to be confident in my backhand and ended up using chameleons for most everything.
Then yesterday I was crushing like I was a handful of years ago.

Anyways. Bag is trimmed back down for a while to work on confidence with specific discs, not just molds.

Inner Core
Tarpit Serpent

Cobalt Iguana
Glow Gila
Armor Gila

Amber Chameleon
Ballista Pro
Bag as of late and going into the last few events. Bold discs are in the every day local park course bag, the others usually just in for tourneys.

Tortuga X2 Putting and throwing.

DX Polecat BEAT circle stamp. This is my cheat code for 60-110' spin putts. Put it on a line and watch it stay in the air like I am at sea level. Finding metal from outside 60 like never before.

Tar Pit Serpent FH approach and some backhand throws. Very windy putter. CTP and throw in king.

Armor Serpent. Touch more stability, generally use it when I want just a little more distance on a FH than the tar pit.

Inner Core. Stable Driving putter. When I want a little more fade or less flip up than the tortugas (which are breaking in, I imagine Armor torts will replace it someday)

Devilhawk. Its just great OS FH approach

Stego. Cause I am a masochist. RFF Tar pit stego is a must in the mountains.

Comet MJ ESP Glo Swirl. For Comet stuff. Perfect compliment, especially at elevation to the Iguana. I lost a beat in cobalt iguana, which was taking this role for a while.

Armor Iguana Proto run still. Do it all midrange. This disc has done some impressive stuff. Replaced my security blanket super beat 10 year buzzz and my straight buzzz.

Glow Gila Been carrying this all summer to beat in for my winter glow bag. Broken in base mids are just special. Probably will swap in one of my beat in fossils or tar pit soon. Still stable enough for most all of my stable/os mid stuff.

Armor Gila. Older flat run. Goes in the bag for wind and variety some times. This one is old and beat but FAF and OS still. Sometimes throw in the new run Amber instead of this and the Glow.

Proline Vortex. Awesome flippy flippy. Rollers and get out of trouble. Possibly the best in its class.

Neutron Crave This is my go to flippy fairway. It is close to overlapping the vortex but easier to lay into and get some really impressive late flips.

Neutron Crave/Ptero. I bounce back and forth between these two. The crave is surprising stable and is better in wind. The Ptero glides better and carries. Generally either is just covered by the Chameleon and only would come out when I don't want turn or much fade.

Armor Chameleon If I could only throw one driver and it wasn't windy this would be it. Shot shapes galore and powers up and crushes, and powers down super well. Its like a super power.

Tar Pit Chameleon Been shocked at how good this is and has been staying. Still a touch more stable than my broken in Armor above. Has developed some flip up

Tyrant. Kinda been pushed out by the tar pit chameleon, and my game trending to rely on more glide than in the past. Still throw this so well. Also a step up from my gilas for pin point FH hyzers.

Komodo. For the beefy stuff. Not throwing beefy for those shots as much as I used to.

Proton Wave. My freak. 161g and stable as my glow waves. I throw this baby FH and BH. Its still a wave and will remind me of that sometimes but she go far.

Opto Ballista Pro. 167g and softer than most. Go to big distance. Won me some $ in an event that had a longest drive hole recently. Was dead center fairway too.

These discs maybe get tossed in the side pocket for wind, certain courses ect. They are either discs I was previously super comfortable with or specialty.

Neutron Paradox. I love rollers, this is the best short range roller I have thrown. Like a perfectly seasoned old school stiff dx stingray. But right out of the box and doesn't say innova.

CG Opto Ballista Pro. Winds and stuff. Not a ridiculous beefy boy but working well with my current game.

Spirit they are still so good. I just don't throw as hard these days.

Justice. cause wind exists and sometimes here in the high plains it is too much for a gila.

Predator. 167 flat FLX if I know I will be throwing lots of thumbers and want a little extra D.

Glitch. Maybe should be in my regular bag. BH approach fun. Or a fresher DX Polecat...

Silly Putty Scale. So good for approaches in the mountians. Flys much like my tarpit serpent so I don't mess with it much of flat land.