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[Innova] The Colt

"Hey, that's a really cool stamp." :)
I don't talk about my work on the course unless someone asks. It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy when someone comments on my stamps not knowing they are mine. I had one guy tell me he bought the same disc because of the stamp... even though he doesn't throw that mold. He had no idea it was my design! Now THAT is the way to make someone feel special <3
I picked up the xt Stud awhile back. It works as described. I didn't know about the custom stamp. Sorry.
Anyone buy any Star Colts lately? Wondering if they are as flat and nicely stable as my XT Colt? Really liking this disc lately, so i want one in Star that doesn't beat in so "fast".
New Colt fan incoming. I have the star and g-star editions of them and have been playing around with them for a couple years. Not taking them seriously I guess. The touch and release didn't feel right, yet. So, they'd rotate in and out of the bag as the let's try this instead disc while I relied on other discs more heavily. But, something in the disc and where my putt is at finally just clicked together, and it's a dead straight to slight anhyzer with some finish approach disc on top of it.
Yay, I finally get the Colt.
My Stud, however. Is buried behind an air conditioning duct after a putting error.

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