The Cubic Zirconia Club

How we all would like to be in Jaymon1 shoes. he has the uniques, but last i I saw he was less than 60 anybody votes away from diamond.
More like ZMan44's shoes. 274 Unique voters with 999 upvotes. He just hasn't been active since 2021, and his last review was in 2014, so there hasn't been many votes slung his way recently.
Guys, his medal still looks gold and he has 1,001 thumbs. Are the diamond gods zirconia-ing our boy Zman?
You guys make up your own club, now everybody's changing their names too.

surprised tv land GIF by YoungerTV
Possible that the vote threshold has gone up?

@greens did ZMan do something you can't discuss here?
Someone hypothesized that Zman44 needs to log in for his TR status to update. He hasn't been seen here since Nov 10, 2021, however.
I guess technically that would make him a CZ Club member?
I know from my counts before that my 134 doesn't include the downvotes I've gotten that haven't also upvoted.

No, I don't count anymore just because I'm bored.