[Drivers] The RDG Tyrant: fairway driver

Thoughts on Firebirds vs beefy Tyrants while I'm babbling about it?
Firebirds knife harder and skip more than Tyrants, also better into a headwind. Tyrants (puddle/flat ones) roll/tomahawk/thumber better/more comfortably, and are better in side/tailwinds

Disclaimer: All experiences are subjective. Your mileage may vary
I’ve never seen a sub 170 Tyrant, all three of mine are 173-4. And I think all the others I’ve had were as well.

It’s nothing like a Firebird, even the puddle top ones are more like a beefy glow Teebird.

One of the best discs to me, I hope it can come back one day.

For now I’m throwing the Tarpit Chameleon in that slot and it’s very good but the cycle is shorter.
My Tarpit Chameleon definitely stole a lot of tyrant shots. It is finally breaking in enough that the tyrant is coming out more again and its been like getting together with an old friend.

I will echo I have not seen em lighter than 172/3. Between speed and overall beefyness of firebirds they still have a spot along side a tyrant. Skips and wind mostly though, I have not been leaning on beefcakes for nearly as much as I used to.