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ThrowaEnvy straightening out my Gyro bag for summer

Which Axiom Driver to try: I have all MVP drivers...

  • Insanity

    Votes: 27 51.9%
  • Wrath

    Votes: 13 25.0%
  • Vanish

    Votes: 11 21.2%
  • Defy

    Votes: 8 15.4%
  • Tenacity

    Votes: 3 5.8%

  • Total voters
Dude, I didn't know about 10m Brick. The first review here is pure poetry:


This scorpion you speak of appears to be a classic, even larger diameter buzzz-like monstrosity. Is that true?

The second review was good too.. it was that bad... but it has to be experienced much like a turbo putt or a squidgie

Dude there is nothing like a scorpion.... for so many reasons haha. Not only is it wide diameter but it is sharp and wide rimmed with a big bead. I threw em back in the 90's as my one disc.

It has the bead of a rhyno, the wing of a force, the diameter of a condor, the dome of a roc and weights like they are lead lined.

I'm throwing my 184g but the 188 is staying on the shelf. You'd think with all that Frankenstein action they would be the ultimate disc.....


Well tourney came and went.. got a -14 first round, not so good on the second I think I was -2 heading into the easy 9, ace on 15. Had to bail out for a funeral.

Worked the rhythm almost exclusively, couple tesla fh's. Did fairly well, circuits primarily but when I was concerned about turn the 160 se (stock) did work, really straight and it's developed extra glide I feel like this is how I expected the pp crave to fly ironically it's the exact same colour, white on a pink rim.

Best part is with some form improvements holes I was worried about were easy birdies. Some accidental connections though haha. oops I overthrewed it again...

Took a few bad bogeys though, notably on 24 I parked the fairway said "great I 5'd this last year" ...and then misjudged the glide on a glitch in a tailwind I compensated for the turn but went too far about 35', hit basket for a roll away, basket with glitch from 70', tap in. 3 putted on 25 to follow that up.

I used the glitch 100 percent effective first day, 50 percent the second, went back to the spin. Uplinks were good. Ace on 15 with glitch.

Took 4 envy, used em all. Plaz Ash, N widow, JC L2 N was prime putter, soft electron ace machine. Took the hex threw it twice successfully.

Took an insanity and octane and didn't use em.

Great par saving tesla fh on 14 with the emoji neutron.

Ash has become ridiculously straight great beside the ace machine but almost redundant. Laced a beauty fh with the widow but went about 60 too far zero fade should have thrown the hex.

All gyro, no scorpion, no comet.
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Quick addendum.. picked up my $70 for the ace and checked the board, I had the second hottest single round in ma40 with 67, only one stroke off, so that feels good. I believe 136 took it. Glen O got 127 FTW in pro.
Well Saturday August 19 2023

Took a knee twist 2 months ago and got tennis elbow 4 weeks ago swinging the weedeater with a brush cutter. So my form thread needs an update soon, I've slacked off but I'm also finding easy distance due to injuries haha weird.

I posted this in rationally agreeable but had a fun morning so I thought id just copy and mark it here for next year..

So.... went fishing with a buddy on his boat wicked early today. He wanted to take a shortcut and he's the captain and I'm like whatever you think.
your boat.... we delayed for a 1/2hr while he worked a pound of m&ms out of his system, it probably made a mocha slurry after his first cup of coffee. Point is it gave us a little more daylight. As we are clipping through Navy channel he asks what the heading is to get to the far side of Saturday, (haha, ironic autocorrect) "Saturna" like which set of islands is it, I say something like:

"I'm not sure I always get mixed up on these ones, I've never done Boat Pass"

"Me neither" he says.
I reply
"Geez I was waiting until someone showed me the way on that one"..

F me at 6:30 am heading for a tide change in a boat I don't know haha, I just hoped it was as good as mine.
(Quirks excluded haha, but I'd take my double eagle against anything, hell we have haha.. as long as she's running, and not getting the transom re fibreglassed, which is why I don't have a boat)

So hitting some narrows with little Rock and reef land mines at a tide change... it's a good thing I took two poops before I left or I might have shit myself.

Asked if he had used Navionics.. the answer was no haha, fired up my phone and picked headings for him, dodged everything successfully and he made it safely to and through about a 35' gap of rushing water, safely into 10ft waves haha. Decided to fish an inside passage.. longer story long...

The m&ms took their toll and he decided to bail out the other way, his phone had been pinging "welcome to the USA" which means no cellular data for a pair of Canucks. He gets ready to punch it out between of the gap between Tumbo and I'm like hold on, let me just look.. I don't know this water at all, as we watch some weird rip in the water, waves crashing up... hmmmmmm.

A couple minutes later I grab some data (I shut down my chart earlier to save battery..). And we manage to avoid something called "Boiling Reef" hence the water disturbances haha... we went way tighter to shore than we probably would have but you have to trust the app, and calculate for the delay to positioning

No fish were caught, no gear was lost, call it a win.

I am not however giving him any money for gas.
Well... there's been some injuries since the tourney, twisted my point leg and did something to my throwing arm elbow. I really should have done an after tourney form video but I waited a week and bammo, life. Got a new used truck to launch my boat that I just got back for labour day weekend. Hello September...

"I come down to talk to me... when the coast is clear".

Gonna miss Jimmy Buffett. atta boy cashing out after one last summer...

Bag changes due to my busted ass..

179 regular neutron uplink is back in the steady mid spot beside a stable (not really) esp comet. The rhythm is still good, teslas are shelved and the glitches and lone 167g watt se I have is doing more than I expected. The 160 fission rhythm is in a nice spot, way less flippy, must be the rain 😄

I hate to admit it but I'm having some issues driving envy's. I'm missing a ton of my spin with the elbow. I'm still putting them good but driving I'm down from 3+ to 2, just an electron and a premie not always my first thought off the tee. Things are weird up here. Looking at the spin for a more permanent spot again, I want the flat set downs, more fade with the envy than normal.

Plus side is protecting the elbow is refining my throw, I think. Luckily I got as far as I did with legwork and normal arm before going to my gimpy bastard windmill kind of swing. It's forced me to do things differently and it's getting results, better body flow and I'm hoping some extra smoothness is coming. I always struggled with that downwards dip hyzer sort of swing but it's making more sense as my body has very definite limits.

I think I'm going to bring the 165 uplinks and the Shedyzer 155 reactor back out. Got a 157g stego hahaha ha, it's alright under 150'. Might pull out my 2nd run 170g esp comet. It's nice having a shelf full of options.

Disc on my friends, you know I will be.. until I can't throw a whitler or pull my pants up.
Sept 16th the boat hit the water, wouldn't start, pulled it and relaunched at sunset, after I figured out the ignition/spark plugs. Got wet up to my knees, a tonneau cover does not facilitate boat launching. How do you climb on the wheelwell and onto the bed and hitch? Haha ha f--k.

Recovering from a bad elbow pull deal. Running a 155 fission rhythm and a bunch of glitches, soft electron envy and back to a comet. Also a base bag,

Plasma envy and electron soft, glitch. Light uplink 165, 174 esp comet. 155 fizz reactor. Couple rhythms.
Well the elbow is mostly healed, still twingy, popped my good knee doing a power pole, still feeling them both 6 months later.

Settling in on my bag for the day, golf at my place... got a fresh watt and my detour showed up. Given the wind this morning I think I will play them. The Watt is kind of in between my glitch and envy for longer putts, the detour seems to turn fairly easily it seems more of an S disc then the hex. Also got a backup for my backups of fission octanes at 155 don't think I will use it I still need to beat some turn into it.

Glitch, watt, otb envy- uplink, detour- rhythm x 2 156 fission 172 neutron, 155 tesla.2024-02-2508.50.291170978896197194357.jpg
Setting a bag for a course that's new to me... I played it 7 or 8yrs ago in its infancy. I hear there's baskets and lots of long drives now. Pretty much taking the same as above minus the Watt and detour and adding the pixel and fission octane and an extra rhythm and uplink.

Considering the wave which I haven't thrown in a year or two haha. Also considering going with the Ridge tourney bag just for the seat and pockets. I don't really like the nutsac with more than 9 discs.

Elbow and knees are still goofy but at a 70% level.. luckily milwaukee invented an Electricians staple gun, not swinging a hammer has helped immensely with tennis elbow. My timing is extremely rough, been catching a glimmer of it lately though. Lots of understable stuff and test driving through the winter hasn't helped haha.
Well had a good time out at Timbers, I was "the big arm" today haha, felt good 👍 I tried to live up to it. Lots of tiny creeks, couple ponds and OB. Great layout, decent baskets, some good open field shots par 4, mostly wooded. Mild to moderate gusts of wind.

Did well with the octane extra distance in spite of wind and great for field holes. Did all right with the wave but I think it's going to be an anhyzer disc mostly. Had some great glitch shots that were close haha, did way more with the pixel than I intended to, started with one of those putts that was too downhill for the glitch or the envys I had. Specifically the 3rd tier blue electron envy, I've been working on the blue one for a couple years but it's no #1 yellow.

Pretty much hit every putt I used the pixel for except the last one, weak side chain. It is filling the gap when I don't bring my best electron envy (which I'm not losing if I'm not playing for money). Downhill putts are total money with it or any time I want something between a glitch and envy and I've pretty much thrown it every day since I got it.

Tesla (few times) and rhythms were good. Threw my best one in the shallow water on the first throw haha. Could have used the 165 fission instead of the 158, I'm not hyzer flipping well. Managed a full length 300ish downhill throw with the 180 soft uplink.
Well quick update I guess... working on a hyzer rotation with the turn the key flip, still feels wrong from my straight and flat swing plane that apparently doesn't exist... haha. Less pain, more distance, I can't fully extend my arm for a better unload, something about the end and adding arm snap. If I don't it doesn't hurt but I'm choking my throw, feels like I could add more but the sign is that if it feels good do it.

Frickin pounded an uplink and a detour up 7 at home for 6' tap ins.. That's huge mid distance for me, probably 250' haha OK 200' but a 35'+ incline. I can't remember the last time I did that. Clean hyzer rotation and turn the wrist.

Pixel is sticking around, I pulled out my proto electron envy tonight it could kick the pixels butt, but I only got two of em (maybe 3 haha). Best OOTB envy ever made.

Some discs are better for this new motion, the rhythm is cool with whatever, the detour is exceptionally good with a little flip and a little fade, the uplink is touchy but I've been throwing the 176g N to give my arm a break from the 180 S. I miss them... I also want the throw the scorpions, tesla and the hex a bit but I'm leaning understable for a while longer.

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