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Top 5 Favorite Brands

Adidas - All I wear, clothes and shoes
Swiftwick - Best socks I have ever had. Never had a blister after wearing them
Dynamic Discs - Ranger bag & (Zuca cart bought through them) and many disc molds - Lucid plastic
Hydroflask - Cold water all day long
Discraft - Zone and Buzzz lyfe!!! ESP is the prettiest and most durable plastic

Also like Innova and discmania,
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What are the top 5 disc golf companies you are loyal to, and/or wish you could be endorsed by?

Here's mine:

1 Pound (Everything you could ever need in a bag)
2 UDisc (Can't play a round without it)
3 Discraft (#ZoneMob)
4 Innova (So many good molds)
5 Hydro Flask (Proper hydration is key)

1. Discraft
2. Zuca
3. Under Armour
4. New Balance
5. Innova
6. Upper Park Bags
7. Dynamic Discs
Love these things.

1. Off
2. Repel
3. Hanes
4. No name bottled water
5. Plastic
Hmm, company sponsorships, eh?

1. Innova...need things to throw.
2. Phenix Quad straps...still going strong after a decade a hellacious abuse, bleaching, washing, etc.
3. Oboz...for mah feetsies
4. Releaf Centers for pre- and post-round recovery sessions
5. Two-Hearted Ale for my beauty tonic
Love these things.

1. Off
2. Repel
3. Hanes
4. No name bottled water
5. Plastic

Ooo, bugspray sponsorship, that's HOT!. Jealy I didn't think of that.

I can see the heavies at Cutter leaning on you not to sign with Off! but the production runs are just too erratic not to switch. :|
Stuff I would happily stick on my jersey as a pro pro if by some miracle I got good and they paid me to rep their brands while I'm throwing discs?

Boylan's Bottling Co.
Big Ass Fans
Analog Devices
Disc brands:

1. Gateway
2. Gateway
3. Innova
4. Gateway
5. 1080
1. Discraft
2. Latitude 64
3. Innova
4. Dynamic Disc
5. MVP/Axiom

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