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[Question] What is this disc worth (Part V)?

Curious about these two discs. Super Roc & Star destroyer. I got the destroyer around 2010ish. Thanks.View attachment 345132View attachment 345133
The Stamp on the Star Destroyer is too common. The Stamp looks good, but a buyer may be wondering if its been refurbished. Recently I saw and grip a couple of used first run Calvin Heimberg Star Destroyers in good condition at $75, they have sold. Yours older, looking rustic, but no SE stamp i would start at $60, willing to depart at $50. As it ages it will have more value.

Super Roc 2007 AM Worlds well used. Stamp still there, but fading. Older little wings Roc are more sought after and can be picked up depending on condition from 30 dollars to 100. I would price at 40, but would take 30 for it. Somebody who played in the event and Lost theirs would probably be willing to pay more for it.

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