What will it take to dethrone Ken Climo?

Played 21 Holes today with my buddy Kyle Sawtelle I used 5 DX discs that The Champ said he used or were made in his Worlds days (Gazelle,Banshee,Stingray,Cobra and Aviar) couldn't find any Vipers Kyle used (Eagle,Firebird,Stingray,Cobra and Aviar) not sure if all his were early 90's or not. I got my 5 all different colors so it would be easy to tell them from one another. We videotaped all 21 holes so hopefully this loads up and isn't to long so you all can see the "Fun" we had. In the meantime check out some older videos of Cliff Stephens Park so you can compare the "Old" School discs to the new ones.

This will be awesome.
I love the fact that Paul is competitive enough to go out and do this.

That's some Michael Jordan sh*t right there....


It has to be weird reading this kind of stuff about yourself. This sounds like a fun round. Thinking I might just bust out a handful of old discs and try this. It has been ages since I threw some old plastic, you get kind of spoiled by the consistant performance of today's molds. Man, I remember the XL coming along in X plastic and revolutionalizing my game.
'Oh! You didn't do it for Lance!'


That round looks awesome. Takes me back to my high school days. But I know we had Valks back then...
I would love to do something like that! Great vid paul and kyle! If only i couldd get some of my friends to not be wimps and try this lol or better yet ill just ask the old guys round these parts!
Part 2

these wear brand new never thrown before. we left the clearwater disc golf store straight to the course. I hadn't played at all since Vibram so these were my first shots.

Oh and how I miss spending the winter in Clearwater. Such a great place to be playing some disc golf with some real characters.
I found those videos way too entertaining. Thanks for posting them Paul!
Awesome vids. You guys tore up that course.

I hope the Champ gets a chance to see this and answers back with his own vid!
Once that Innova logo popped up it instantly felt more like a promotional video, which it basically is. It's still awesome though, and it was cool seeing you guys toss those "old school" discs with such accuracy right off the bat.
Ken Climo is the Bill Russell of disc golf. Russell won 11 NBA titles. However, it's widely regarded that Michael Jordan (6x NBA Champ) was the best player ever. I know it's different with golf being an individual sport and basketball a team sport. However, I think the simile still works. The game has changed and if McBeth can win 6 world championships in this new climate he may regarded as the best. Especially if he keeps breaking course records at prestigious courses.
I agree up to a point. The forehand is much more prevalent in today's top players than ever and it's not just the overstability of the discs -- approach shots, etc. where "Climo-era" players threw forehands much less -- down to never. There's video somewhere of Climo throwing a forehand off the tee and it looked odd, Ken even commented it's something he's been working on due to the evolution of the game. I realize there are exceptions on both sides of the discussions. McBeth, Shusterick, etc. all get a forehand to flatten and fly while prior to that, top level players just didn't (don't). Most of the top MPM or GM pros in my region rarely ever throw a forehand (Moser, Mela [an aside: "chicken wing"??? Puhleeze], Morgan, Graham, Lacourte, etc.,) while there are exceptions (Gobrecht most notably) on the whole top old guys are turnover-ers.

It's too "convenient" a response to put the forehand in the "technology" category since the disc doesn't really know how you put the rpm's and mph's on it. Golf discs since the beginning could be thrown forehand -- they just weren't.

It's not a big part of the discussion of the best ever, but it's a part. And to review, Climo's the best ever by bunches and bunches.

Paul, I hear what you're saying, but you never seemed to answer my point. All one has to do is see what disc "today's players" are throwing those forehands with and it would show that the technology is a factor in evolution of use of the sidearm shot. I emphasized wide-rimmed, overstable discs that weren't available back then. Look at the top players in the world. There are a few (maybe big Jerm, maybe MJ, on the ladies side, the two Sarahs) that will even attempt to throw an understable to neutral disc forehand. The fact that they don't basically proves what I was saying. Yes people always "could" use the forehand back then, but only the special few did (Stokely) because with those Eagles and Gazelles, you had to have perfect form to get any productive distance and still have control. And that's why the older guys only throw turnover now -- they just don't want to change.

And everyone, back on point -- I think it'll take about 6 overall Worlds plus several other major wins to get in the conversation of touching Climo.
Good stuff Paul. Kyle is a cool dude!

He's the picture of class, consummate professional, a tremendous sport and ambassador -- all that on top of being the best player out there right now, and in the middle of what might be an historic run. Ala Tiger Woods run in 2000-01.