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New Berlin, WI
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Saturday Jan. 12, 2013Starts On:
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Details: This will be a truly unique format for a doubles event.

First round will be BEST SHOT where both teammates throw their shot and you get to choose which one you want to play from.

Second round will be a DOUBLE dose of ALTERNATE SHOT. That means you and your partner both throw your tee shots and then you complete the hole playing alternate shot from BOTH sets of drives.


Player A throws and parks it.
Player B throws and is 100 feet away.
Player A throws from Player B's shot and happens to get it close.
Player B throws from Player A's parked drive and the team scores a 2.
Player B also throws from Player A's approach shot and the team scores a 3.

That means each hole will have 2 scores per hole during the second round.

Logic behind the divisions:

Cash Money - this is open to anyone of any skill level and if you do well, you'll win a cash payout!

Minor League - this is for anyone that's good but doesn't want to play for cash and instead you'll win merchandise

Noobs - these are your newer players, true amateurs or recreational players. TD discretion can be applied here because this is not where the minor leaguers should try to sandbag!

Mixed - well, I hope that speaks for itself. This is a team consisting of one woman and one man.

Divisions / Fees
$70.00Cash Money
$50.00Minor League