Attack of the 3 - Headed Monster!
Yakima, WA
Wide Hollow DGC

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Saturday Jan. 19, 2013Starts On:
Saturday Jan. 19, 2013Ends On:
2Confirmed Players:
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Details: This will be 3 rounds of 12 for a grand total of 36 holes. We will play two rounds in the morning and one round in the afternoon.
Cost is $10 per person.
Teams will consist of 1 pro player, 1 advanced/amature player and 1 novice/rec player.
Each player will keep track of thier own score for the three rounds. After the last round, all three scores will be added together and divided by three to generate a team score.
Teams will be choosen the day of the event by a random draw format.
This is more of a chance to kick off our new course here in Yakima, so its geared more towards having fun and meeting new people instead of intense compitition.
That being said we will have prizes for the top three teams. Gift certificates, discs, knick knacks and paddy whacks and what not.