Nudga Ace Race 2013
Riverdale, UT
Riverpark DGC

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Saturday Oct. 26, 2013Starts On:
Saturday Oct. 26, 2013Ends On:
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Details: This is a fun event for anyone interested in Disc Golf. All proceeds go to the payout for the Chartiy Bowl in December (See Charity Bowl for more info). Participants will receive two discs and a players pack for $25. You then are allowed one drive at each hole (no putting). If you get a hole in one (an Ace) then you place an "A" on your scorecard. If you do not make it in but hit the basket, then you place a "M" on your card for metal. At the end of two rounds, we add up the number of aces and metals. The person with the most Aces wins. If there is a tie, then the tiebreaker falls to the amount of metals. This event does not require someone to be great golfer, just a great personality. Come and have fun!! Also, do to the date, the weekend before Halloween, Let's dress up in your best Halloween costume. Prizes will be given to the best dressed.

This event is pre-registration only! Registration will close Sunday, October 6th, at 12:00 am. Please contact Stu Jensen at [email disguise] for questions.

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