Spooktacular Scared Square: Doubles
Silverton, OR
Canyonview Camp

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Spooktacular Scared Square! Disc Golf Tournament, hosted by Portland Mobile Disc Lab

Saturday, November 2nd 2013. 9 AM registration.

Canyonview Camp disc golf course. 13000 Finlay Rd. NE Silverton, OR 97381

Bring your own partner doubles -- but come along if you don't have a partner and we'll pair all singles up. Three divisions, intermediate, advanced and women's.

15$ per head for prize pool. 3$ course maintenance/improvement donation.

Just leave a message here with your name and the names of any other players who will be on your team.

Two rounds of 18 holes. Short lunch break in between rounds. Bring your own grub.

Your combined two round score against everyone else's in your division. First 15$ in winnings to each player paid out in scrip, anything above that paid out in cash. Fairly flat payout to a good percentage of players.

Scoring is a point system, not a stroke system. Aces/eagles are worth 10 points, birdies 5 points, par 2 points, bogey up to quintuple million bogey 0 points.
In addition to trying to hole out in the regular basket for points, each hole will have a 6'x6' red flag marked at the corners "Scared Square" on the ground somewhere short of the basket. After your tee shot, you can elect to try and throw your disc into the scared square instead of going for a normal birdie/par. On a par 3, if your second throw on the hole is tossed successfully into the Scared Square (any part of your disc breaking the imaginary line on the ground between flags) you score 3 points, one more point than par, two less than a birdie. If your 3rd throw on a par 3 is in the Scared Square you score 1 point. If your first throw (or 2nd on a par 4) lands in the Scared Square you automatically score a minimum of 3 points, with a free chance to make a birdie for 5 points instead of the 3 points you already made with your first throw.
Spooktacular Scared Square will also feature Ghastly Shot Ghost Buckets on many holes. These buckets will be located near prime shank territory. Any normal birdie shot that knocks over a Ghost Bucket is worth 4 points. Hitting the Ghost Bucket but not knocking it over with your birdie shot is worth 2 points. There are no points for hitting a Ghost Bucket with par throws.
Any birdie throw attempts to hit the Ghost Bucket will be made before a team elects to throw from either lie to the regular basket or Scared Square. Teams may play split lies -- one player may first try to hit the Ghost Bucket from one lie, then the other player may elect to throw from the other lie to the basket or Scared Square. Teams may shoot at the basket or Scared Square in any order if not electing to target the Ghost Bucket. Delightful moments of strategy may ensue...
Whatever shot nets the team the highest amount of points for the hole is the number scored for the hole. For example, if the first player knocks over the Ghost Bucket and the second player makes a long birdie putt, the team scores 5 points for the hole, as the regular birdie is worth 5 points, more than the 4 points for knocking over the Ghost Bucket.

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