Troy’s Twisted Triples 2019

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Details: Troy's Twisted Triples 2019, Williamsburg Fundraiser
Saturday August 17, 2019, Sign in by 9am, player's meeting, tee by 9:30am

If you've played before, you know this is a fun event. For those who are new to the concept, please come give it a try! We'll have teams of three playing one round of 27 holes (most are familiar, but a few new ones and a few oldies). All three players will throw, with holes being completed as soon as one player holes out. You'll play holes 1 (the Grove) through 9 (the Mando) as best shot triples, then holes 10 (Choices) through 18 (Tuff Up) as worst shot, and finally, holes 19 (Get Down) through C (the Flag) as the 'Goldilocks' shot (not the best, not the worst, but the 2nd best, 'just right' shot). There may be some mandos and challenges dreamed up as we get closer to the event. It's twisted!
When the round is completed, we'll throw off for CTP if an ace hasn't been hit (50% of the pot to the winner, 50% to the fundraiser). Once the last card is in, we'll throw a Ring of Fire for 'fabulous' prizes. 😉 Other side games and friendly challenges will then be encouraged, especially if we get the Williamsburg food truck out there. Finally, we'll do payout and raffle off donated items.
Three divisions:
• Open (Blue tees: anyone can play on these teams, regardless of experience)
• Mixed (Red tees, where available: co-ed, ladies' choice, juniors…)
• Handicapped (White tees: strokes adjusted based on an honor system estimating your team's average pdga rating over or under 900 divided by ten… example: Troy (918) & Jeff (905) convince a 961 rated player to join them, so (+18 +5 +61)/3/10 = (84)/3/10 =28/10 =2.8, so 3 strokes are added to the team score).
• $18 per player (Half to the fundraiser, 50% paid out in prizes)
• Optional $2 ace fund.
• Bring some extra cash for raffles, and for the possibility of buying extra putts (Mixed and Handicapped divisions can opt to take another putt for $1 per throw (not 3!), then another for $2 after that, $3 for the next, etc. Deep pockets and stubbornness rewarded, since we're fundraising!!! If that's not your cup of tea, choose to play Open, for the 'pure' challenge.)
We will have a CTP prize for every hole, and maybe other surprises.
Our goal is to immediately order the two new baskets needed, and build our fund for concrete tees and signage, then apply funds to landscaping materials (bridges, stairs, terraces, etc). Remember that individuals and businesses can become hole sponsors for only $200.
Pre-registration is highly encouraged: name your team creatively, and tell us whom to expect. Thanks!