Trego, WI 
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4/13/2017 1:18 AMPosted by: VpFiend

What is the DGCR SSE? For Fiddler creek in Hayward Wi it says par is a 1000 rated round SSE. I shot +1 their today easily from all 23 of the far teepads and i missed several easy birdie putts with a triple bogey. For Heartwood in Trego the SSE is -7 for a 1000 rated round......

Heartwood is waaayyy more difficult than Fiddler so that doesn't make sense to me. Heartwood is way more wooded. Fairways a thinner with no room for any sideways skips. The rough is WAY WAY thicker at Heartwood. The rough is basically out of bounds there. Most holes you cannot advance down the fairway from the rough of Heartwood and are forced to pitch out which is also not easy because most areas have so much growth well over 6ft high with thorns and it's so thick you have little or no space to throw without hitting branches or thorns. Even while illegally holding branches you still have to throw thru more bushes or trees to escape and you cannot follow thru or throw without scraping somethin. It's nearly unescapable even 5 to 10 ft off the fairways because it's so thick. Your lucky to escape the rough with 1 toss. It's near impossible to advance down the fairways from the rough on almost every hole.

Fiddler Creek has mostly straight well groomed fairways with room to skip and stay safe. The rough is much less thick. Even where it's the THICKEST its easier to escape the rough, pitch out or advance down the fairway becaue the rough is not 6 ft high. You have space to pitch out on most holes because you have space to throw a few different lines. Some holes have thick rough but nothing compared to Heartwood

Heartwood's fairway is barely wider than a dirt road on most holes and almost every hole has winding changing elevation fairways. There's maybe like 6 or 7 straight fairway holes. My best at heartwood is +5 missing few putts. I couldn't imagine shooting -7 at Heartwood on my best day.... To practice for Heartwood's rough i literally go to the thick woods on my property and practice throwing thru the thickest parts i can find trying to power thru bushes while trying to avoid bigger trees.

It would make more sense if Fiddler creek's SSE was -7 and Heartwood's SSE was par. Heartwood is the hardest course I've ever played. I've played Lake Dillon Co, Conifer Co, Bailey Dgc Co, Blue Ribbon Pines Mn, Accorn something MN, Kaposia MN. None of those or any other course are close to the difficulty of Heartwood. I love Heartwood but god dam idk if i could ever par every hole in one round. I could see myself shooting -7 at Fiddler on my best day. I do not have a PDGA rating but im a well above average player
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