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5 / 587ft.   5 / 587ft.   5 / 587ft.   5 / 587ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #12 Basket

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12/15/2022 12:20 PMPosted by: Baysinger

Check out this playlist to see this course on video:
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3/13/2022 7:05 PMPosted by: sisyphus

Open for discussion: should the 'tee' listings here be updated to include short to short, long to long DGPT FPO layout and DGPT MPO layouts? Wouldn't change the numbering here, but might be easier to enter in the scorebook... Also, please archive these older pictures! The course continues to have drastic changes for viewability for the gallery, easier recoveries now available, and with new tees, there is a whole different look and feel to Idlewild. Though Fred likely would prefer it remain a more challenging course, earing of the underbrush in so many places may make it more 'photogenic', and provide a better look at what disc golf could still be: woods golf, not ball goll!
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5/2/2021 7:49 AMPosted by: BubbaEuchre

Main Course will be closed to public play for special event fundraiser for Idlewild Open and Idlewild Ams on Saturday June 5th.
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10/5/2020 3:04 AMPosted by: billalich

As for the post made on 8/25/2020 concerning layout here is what I am pretty sure about and I've been playing this course since it was in diapers. I was a good friend with Fred so I was one of his crash test dummies when Idlewild first became playable.

Hole by hole:
Hole 1) Tee signs at one time showed short placement between 2 trees at left of fairway but this sleeve was never installed so it has always been a single placement hole.
Hole 2) One of 3 holes on course where 2 baskets are always in play. Short pin before pond crossing and original long was between 2 trees on left of green immediately after pond crossing. DGPT created some debate on the challenge of this hole so some redesign is in process. Original long sleeve was pulled and for a time due to some miscommunication between Fred, Bob, and myself basket was located about center of the hill approximately 125' longer. I was in process of finishing clearing new green but did not make it out for 2020 Idlewild Open and pin was moved again to current location about 30' off the pond (still not designed location). My design places this pin about 25' longer and 10' closer to pond in a secondary cluster of trees to guard green. If this goes into play the long will play at about 640' and be 20' off the water for MPO on DGPT. Sleeve at top of hill has been removed although there is discussion of putting the original long sleeve back in for FPO on DGPT. The ladies did not care for the new long. Since we pull the shorts anyways for DGPT we would just be moving the short basket to the original long location for FPO during DGPT and the long will remain for MPO both baskets will be available for practice rounds and tournament play.
Hole 3 former hole A) There is a short sleeve available for use up on the hill and not down across the creek in the long where it is played during DGPT.
Hole 4 former hole B not used for DGPT) One tee and one pin on this hole with a Mando on right side due to shelter.
Hole 5 former hole C not used for DGPT} Two tees for this hole the short being right at the corner of the road not far from 4's basket, to reach the long tee you must cross the road and circle around to the back side of the pond. There are also 2 sleeves in play depending on the tee you use the short and long pins vary the long pin off the short tee is behind the large tree at the wood line and the other sleeve plays shorter and off to the left. Area just needs some cleaning up. Playing from the long tee the short and long reverse.
Hole 6 formerly hole D not used for DGPT) One tee and 2 sleeves in play with a Mando forcing you to hit a tight gap and throw over the water. Long sleeve is on top of hill and generally where pin is located second placement is shorter and closer to pond.
Hole 7 formerly hole E (DGPT hole 4) Two tees and 2 sleeves in play here. Long tee pad for MPO located on small peninsula jutting out into pond. Original sleeve still in play between the trees up off the water. ( not used for DGPT) long sleeve located about 30' longer and much closer to the water also plays elevated for DGPT. Short tee DGPT FPO is up and around the corner and takes the initial over the water risk out of play.
Hole 8 formerly hole 3 ( DGPT hole 5) Two tees in play as well as 2 sleeves long tee DGPT MPO and short tee DGPT FPO the sleeve short of the creek before the turf green has been pulled and the turf green is pretty much always the pin in play. There is another sleeve on the small peninsula jutting out if you throw over the turf green was deemed to be to small of a landing area so never used although some landscaping may occur to make this a viable location in future.
Hole 9 formerly hole 4 (DGPT hole 6) One tee and one sleeve in play on this hole the 2 shorter sleeves have been pulled.
Hole 10 formerly hole F (not used for DGPT) One tee and one sleeve on this hole.
Hole 11 formerly hole 5 (DGPT hole 7) One tee and one sleeve in play on this hole although a FPO tee is being considered. Tee was moved back 6' after the 2017 DGPT to attempt to remove the over the top shot for big arms it brings the tree to the right at the end of the tee more into play. The peninsula jutting out in the middle of the 3 creek crossings is OB and there is a turf drop zone. There was a short placement about halfway up final uphill that was damaged by mowers so I pulled it.
Hole 12 former hole 6 (DGPT hole 8) Currently one tee and one placement on this hole but DGPT FPO tee being discussed. This hole also had a short placement directly across from old 7's tee that has since been removed.
Hole 13 former hole 7 (DGPT hole 9) One tee and one placement here as well the sleeve in the ash grove short right was also damaged by mowers so I pulled it as well.
Hole 14 former hole 8 (DGPT hole 10) Another single tee single sleeve hole the short sleeve is still in the ground but needs to be pulled due to mower damage.
Hole 15 former hole 9 (DGPT hole 11) Two tee hole the second tee is turf and was added to challenge the MPO field more after the first event the original tee plays as FPO for DGPT. There was a second sleeve actually bolted to a tree stump behind the current location to be used as an elevated basket but the stump rotted hence the sleeve was removed.
Hole 16 former hole 10(DGPT hole 12) One tee and one placement here as well. The original layout had the sleeve right up against the second clump of trees on your second shot but when the sleeve was put into the guarded green inside the 3rd clump of trees the original sleeve must have been removed.
Hole 17 former hole 11 (DGPT hole 13) There is one tee and 3 sleeves on this hole. The original sleeve is still in the ground but up in the reforestation project somewhere, the second sleeve is on the same line as the long but short of the creek but never used, and the 3rd sleeve is the turf island green across the creek. The Kentucky Gap double mando is no longer a mando due to the fact it is an ash tree and will be coming down so the drop zone was also removed.
Hole 18 former hole 12 (not used in DGPT) There is one tee and there are two sleeves in the ground on this hole however the short is never used.
Hole 19 former hole 13 (DGPT hole 14) This hole has one tee and 3 sleeves in the ground. The short basket is always in play on this hole except for DGPT it is pulled to get it out of the way. The original long sleeve is still in the ground between the two large trees in the landing area before you cross the creek to the placement that is now always currently the long.
Hole 20 formerly hole 14 (DGPT hole 15) Currently two tees and one sleeve on this hole an FPO DGPT tee is being discussed coming off of long 14 that would add a 2nd tee on the long uphill trek.
Hole 21 formerly hole 15 (DGPT hole 16) One tee and one placement on this nearly 1000' bomber hole finishing with an island green. Another turfed green.
Hole 22 formerly hole 16 (DGPT hole 17) One tee and this is another hole where 2 baskets are always in play except for DGPT the short is removed to get it out of the way. There are actually 4 sleeves in the ground on this hole but only the 2 are ever used.
Hole 23 formerly hole 17 (Not used for DGPT) One tee and one sleeve on this hole pretty much a filler hole.
Hole 24 formerly hole 18 (DGPT hole 18) Another one tee one placement hole.
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8/25/2020 11:37 AMPosted by: sisyphus

Howdy. A bit wordy, but here you go:
First, someone changed the colors on the headers, and made other changes here, but best I can tell, you are correct: 1 (yellow) is short tees (available on holes 5, 7, 8, 15, & 20) and baskets (holes 2, 19 & 22), 2 (burnt orange?) is short tees and the longer permanent basket option, 3 (orange) is long tees to shorter baskets, and 4 (gold) is long to long. I(TM)m confused on hole 19 orange listing what appears to be another ‘long(TM) pin position.

Next, it should be pointed out that the hole distances listed here do not match up exactly with the new signage (since the renumbering, laser measuring, and elimination of the letter holes). I keep planning to get out there, take new pictures of the signs and post them, plus updates here, but haven(TM)t been on that side of town lately. One benefit of the tee sign pictures would be to see the nicknames Fred assigned the holes, since so many folks tend to use three different ‘references(TM) when referring to a hole (for a lost disc, for instance). ‘Original(TM) numbering included five letter holes after 2 and another after ‘old(TM) hole 4 (now 9). Current numbering is simply 1-24. DGPT numbering drops six holes (please see below).

Hole by hole:
1) There appears to be a shorter basket position, but I(TM)ve never seen it moved (played around here 9 years)
2) There are two permanent baskets, so somebody must have decided to list here in a way that there was a pre-set option to use the scorebook for either
3) Formerly hole A. There is a shorter, seldom used pin position to the right, before the creek
4) Formerly hole B. Not used in DGPT layout
5) Formerly hole C. Not used in DGPT layout. There is an alternate ‘long(TM) tee around the far corner of the pond
6) Formerly hole D. Not used in DGPT layout. There are two pin positions, and they do change it occasionally
7) Formerly hole E. DGPT hole 4. They(TM)ve tinkered with the (one?) basket position
8) Formerly hole 3. DGPT hole 5. Two tees, basket has almost always been on the first peninsula, but there are three options listed here
9) Formerly hole 4. DGPT hole 6. For nine years, the basket has always been ‘long(TM) across the path, but there are three options listed here
10) Formerly hole F. Not used in DGPT layout
11) Formerly hole 5. DGPT hole 7
12) Formerly hole 6. DGPT hole 8
13) Formerly hole 7. DGPT hole 9. For nine years, the basket has always been tucked into the grove of pines, but there are two options listed here
14) Formerly hole 8. DGPT hole 10. For nine years, the basket has always been top of the hill between two trees, but there are two options listed here
15) Formerly hole 9. DGPT hole 11. For nine years, the basket has always been on the terrace, but I(TM)ve heard of another (not listed here), and Fred created a longer tee after the pros made this one look too easy. It(TM)s about 40 feet longer, not 10
16) Formerly hole 10. DGPT hole 12. For nine years, the basket has always been in the grove left of the ‘meadow(TM) ridge after the dogleg, but there is a shorter option listed here
17) Formerly hole 11. DGPT hole 13. For nine years, the basket has always been on the small island green, but there is a shorter option listed here
18) Formerly hole 12. Not used in DGPT layout
19) Formerly hole 13. DGPT hole 14. Two permanent baskets (short not used in DGPT layout), I(TM)ve never heard of the alternate long listed here
20) Formerly hole 14. DGPT hole 15. Two permanent tees (short not used in DGPT layout)
21) Formerly hole 15. DGPT hole 16
22) Formerly hole 16. DGPT hole 17. Two permanent baskets (short not used in DGPT layout)
23) Formerly hole 17. Not used in DGPT layout
24) Formerly hole 18. DGPT hole 18
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8/24/2020 2:24 PMPosted by: Olorin

On the Hole Info tab would someone please add what each of the 4 layouts represents? I'm guessing that that is some combination of short and long tees with short and long baskets. S-S, S-L, L-S, L-L
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1/23/2018 9:55 PMPosted by: sisyphus

Designer (and Hall of Famer) Fred Salaz just posted a new map on the local club Facebook page and said, "New tee signs are going in this week at Idlewild. I'd like to thank "The" Disc Golf Hall of Fame for sponsoring the tee signs at Idlewild. $2,400 that was collected for the tee signs(less expenses) will be donated to the Idlewild open. Also the sale of the old tee signs, which was $700.00 Will also be donated to the Idlewild Open. Thank you everyone for your generosity. Also, Idlewild is now a 24 hole course. No more letter holes. Yea, I know it will take a while to figure it out"
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