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Nashville, TN The Chain Links - Big
10/21/2021 10:52 PMPosted by: JFellows

I threw the original design back in November 2018. What prompted the redesign?
What did they do with the old baskets?
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Polk City, IA Polk City DGC
10/18/2021 7:39 PMPosted by: Diskobolos

Please merge this page into the Kiwanis park page, they are the same course.
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Almond, WI Eagle Pines
10/17/2021 6:52 PMPosted by: 2wfalls

Played on a fall Sunday afternoon under ideal conditions. Many holes required a dead straight drive to reach the corner or basket. Other holes demanded a controlled fade to round corners just to get a look at the basket. No issues finding discs after bouncing off tree(s). With Standing Rock DGC just up the road, I was surprised to have this wonderful course all to ourselves. Many I shouldnâ€(TM)t post this favorable review ;-)
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Charlottesville, VA PVCC DGC
10/16/2021 8:49 PMPosted by: lee76007

It will be very difficult to navigate this course. There are no tee signs, and no tees. Highly recommend using UDisc! If not this may help:

Holes 1 thru 5 by tennis courts.

1. Sidewalk across from parking at bus stop next to building.
2. Sidewalk leading to tennis court.
3. Bottom of trail to fairway left of 2 basket.
4. Circle around small building to the right, and about half way down dirt road. Basket is hidden below down hill fairway.
5. To the left of 4 basket up hill where trail comes out of woods.

6 thru 9 behind admin building are marked by wooden chairs, except for 8.

6. Wooden chairs on sidewalk directly behind building. Basket to the right down hill.
7. Chairs to the left of 6 basket back towards building.
8. 2nd large tree past 7 basket.
9. Uphill you will see chairs. Basket back toward building behind shrubs.
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lee76007 5 basket is back down hill following trail into the woods.
Reply · 10/16/2021 8:50 PM

10/16/2021 8:07 PMPosted by: lee76007

As of this date played this morning. Holes 1 thru 3, and 11 thru 18 have new tee signs and paver tees very nice! Looks like the others are being worked on.
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Charlottesville, VA PVCC DGC
10/16/2021 7:18 PMPosted by: lee76007

The course is in two different sections of campus at least 1/3rd of a mile apart. Holes 1 Thru 5 is by the tennis courts far side of campus as you drive in, and theirs visitors parking by 1st tee. As you enter campus driving up the hill take notice to your left you'll eventually see Basket 8. Theirs also visitors parking to the right of the administration building. Holes 6 thru 9 is behind Admin Building. What I did after finishing hole 5 was get back into my vehicle and drive over to Admin Building to finish the round or you can walk at least 2/3rds of a mile round trip.
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Pontiac, MI Hawthorne Park
10/13/2021 7:32 PMPosted by: BogeyNoMore

Course has 18 legit and completely distinct holes.
A few holes have two different tees, and at least a couple have dual baskets. Will try to get out there and update my review.
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10/13/2021 7:07 PMPosted by: sisyphus

Due to lack of interest and vandalism (including poles removed by folks playing the main course), FunBurg tone poles and signs have been removed. Effective 10/13/21, the course will be shifted to 'temporary' status, and resurrected for an occasional fundraiser birdie bash event.
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Rocky Mount, NC Rocky Mt. Sports Complex
10/13/2021 6:38 PMPosted by: lee76007

Some missing tee signs, and a few leaning baskets.
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Rocky Mount, NC Englewood Park
10/11/2021 1:00 PMPosted by: sonny

Any idea on why the basket for hole 15 was pulled?
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