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9/24/2022 4:29 PMPosted by: BogeyNoMore

As of this date, there is an 18 hole course with Red White and Blue tees, plus a shorter 12 hole Purple layout with tees marked A-L, each with its own tee.

About half of the purple layout shares a basket with the main course, and about half have their own basket dedicated for the purple layout. Shared baskets show both the hole # for the main course, and the hole letter for the purple course.
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9/22/2022 1:48 AMPosted by: DeanMoriarty

Called the number listed and talked to Cliff who said it closed ruing Covid.
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Monticello, MS Atwood Park DGC
9/20/2022 2:21 PMPosted by: tonybdiscn

Course has now expanded to 13 holes, with 2 permanent par 4's (#2 & 11) and #9 alternate pin playing as a par 4.
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Arlington, TX Veteran's Park
9/18/2022 7:43 PMPosted by: ericb45696

9/17/22 New DISCatchers installed by ADGA/Chainwreck.
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9/18/2022 6:07 PMPosted by: lee76007

Surry has now been extended to an 18-hole course will add photos, distances, and pars when admin has made adjustments.
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Irvington, VA Deadrise Disc Golf
9/17/2022 6:09 PMPosted by: lee76007

Bagged the course today, the front with the open mowed fairways, rolling fairways, heavy rough, and naturally elevated basket position reminded me of a Scottish links. The back more elevation with a few holes having trees in play. Good use of ex-ball course hazards. Big con is the woodchips used for tee pads. Woodchips scattered around the tee, rutted, and grass growing into the tees. Couldn't use any of the tees.
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Kill Devil Hills, NC Casey R. Logan DGC
9/15/2022 4:04 PMPosted by: lee76007

Looks like with #5 long basket placed, the course extension is complete, and also the long tees. A few pavers installed on long tees since March, and #13 turf. Only a few more long tees with old carpet with #6 removed. Course looks and plays great.
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Virginia Beach, VA Northgate Park
9/14/2022 9:29 PMPosted by: lee76007

Bagged the course today. At this time 2 concrete tees per hole, one Veteran Basket, and orange tape around mando trees. Found out there's two pins per hole. Tee signs, mando signs, and parking is being worked out with the city. I parked off Northgate Dr. by the playground on neighborhood street. Tee from #8. New parking eventually will be by the practice basket.
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lee76007 Distance posted is for short pins, found out that I played long pins. No information found for long distance pins.
Reply · 9/14/2022 9:30 PM

Spotsylvania, VA The Blockhouse - Darkside
9/13/2022 6:47 PMPosted by: lee76007

Course is now open. Just about all turf tees in great shape, baskets in good shape.
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9/13/2022 6:45 PMPosted by: lee76007

Course is open. Some holes have multiple tees. Most turf tees in good shape, a few with overgrowth. Baskets in great shape.
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