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Harpers Ferry, WV Sam Michael's Park DGC
11/7/2018 10:53 PMPosted by: Crooow

Main page says 17 holes; map shows 18. Will try to get there when the weather is dry again.
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11/6/2018 11:59 AMPosted by: DumfriesLizzie

Lost my putter in the thicket at no. 8 on yesterday. Had the wrong disc in my hands. Realized that after I released it (frown). Not likely to be found by another player, but if the maintenance folks read this forum, please call me when (if) you thin out the thicket. Number is on the disc.
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Carterville, IL Black Jack Disc Golf
11/4/2018 10:06 PMPosted by: Popbumper

I'm proud to see my college support disc golf by trusting me to design and fund the install. Please send me feedback - questions, concerns, likes, suggestions as I am your contact for this course. robertcraigATjalcDOTedu.
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10/29/2018 3:23 PMPosted by: Pizza God

been waiting for this course to be finished so I could go play it
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10/29/2018 8:32 AMPosted by: buddyspop

Playing Desert Fox this week and hope they'll have some updated maps at the office. Seems like the course is laid out differently every time we go. Beautiful course, but aggravating when you don't know which hole is which.
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buddyspop The office did have an updated map, but it's still difficult to find basket 14 based on the t-pad graphic. Will work on a new map and upload this week. Does anyone ever read this stuff?
Reply · 10/31/2018 4:17 PM

Sugar Land, TX Brazos River Park DGC
10/27/2018 6:33 PMPosted by: Pizza God

LOL, well, I need to make a trip back to Houston again.
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Chatham-Kent, ON Thames Grove DGC
10/27/2018 8:54 AMPosted by: TinLid Disc Golf

I lost a red star TL in the long grass near the fourth basket...if you find it please give to some kid locally that you think might play disc golf.
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Jacksonville, FL Out Yonder Country Club
10/24/2018 9:06 PMPosted by: ToneRay

Still able to golf here? I'm moving to Jax soon, and this course sounds like a great place to disc and make friends.
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Monroeville, PA Monroeville Park
10/24/2018 8:57 PMPosted by: sebastian422

I heard rumblings from a couple folks last year that this course was being converted to a full 18. Does anyone have any information on the validity of this?
I played there today for the first time since February and it looked like some brush back in the woods had been cleared off. Whether that is work for the potential extra 9 holes to be put on, or simply park maintenance I could not tell.
Thank you in advance.
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New Minas, NS Links DGC
10/24/2018 9:10 AMPosted by: DiscgolfStu

New tee pads (as of October 24, 2018)! Most are cobblestone, some are rubber, but all holes have pads. New layout for hole #17.
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