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Moneta, VA Moneta Park
1/12/2019 5:13 PMPosted by: basketcase

Now have 2 baskets on each of the 19 holes. Red baskets play shorter/easier and white baskets play longer/more challenging. Also now have concrete tees.
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1/10/2019 9:57 PMPosted by: VDragich44

new baskets replace old garbage ones
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Leesburg, VA Clark's Run DGC
12/30/2018 10:39 PMPosted by: Crooow

Played this on Friday. Not ready to write a review yet - I'll want to play at least once more. There was a crew putting in bridges when I was there. Very nice. Overall the course is great and I highly recommend playing it. It will be even better when they do a little more work. I had a map but navigation was mostly easy without it (follow the white arrows). Not all pads are cement yet and there are no tee signs so you need to scout out some of the holes on your first trip. Definitely worth the trip.
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SEVERS Thanks for the comments and feedback, Crooow! It's been a slow process (lots of work), but there are definitely plans to finish all the tee pads (concrete) and for tee signs at every hole. Slowly but surely ;-)
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Rapid City, SD Omaha Park DGC
12/30/2018 1:07 AMPosted by: Casey 1988

Actually it was 2004 when I played the course, a great course to take beginners to play at like we did with my dad.
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Evergreen Park, IL 50 Acre Park
12/28/2018 8:12 AMPosted by: airspuds

Sledding hill baskets have been moved : long 4 pin position by eagle sculpture is 520 feet . long 16 tee to basket is 385 , long 17 tee to basket is 260 feet
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12/20/2018 1:20 PMPosted by: Olorin

14 Short basket was broken and on the ground in Oct 2018.
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12/20/2018 1:12 PMPosted by: Olorin

The water holes are among my favorite holes in VA and NC! I rated 3 holes as 10 out of 10. In order of my preference-- 15 (very challenging), 14 (over water most of the way and at the limit of my distance so huge risk vs reward for me), 11. Plus hole 1 is a fantastic starting hole (9.3 rating) and hole 2 is a great water hole (9.5 rating).
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Platteville, WI UW Campus-Platteville
12/18/2018 11:55 AMPosted by: timg

Apparently the goats are no longer part of the course, it was just something they did last summer.
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12/15/2018 10:46 PMPosted by: mlstivender

I really enjoyed this course. It's not the greatest course buts it's a nice combination of technical with some distance shots.
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Sumter, SC Dillon Park
12/14/2018 8:42 AMPosted by: kmelton

There are now 21 holes. After 4 go to right and back to see hole 4B. Blue 265 White 200
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