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Leesburg, VA Clark's Run DGC
9/23/2020 10:01 PMPosted by: Crooow

Finally got around to playing again and writing a review. When is the 9-hole practice course going on DGCR so I can "bag" another course? I figured I didn't need the map but had trouble finding the tee markers for #6 and #9.
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Mt Savage, MD Mile Lane Disc Golf
9/23/2020 9:15 PMPosted by: Jimb

Way to go Scott. Looking forward to this weekend and then a chance to play the course!!!
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Olalla, WA Dalaiwood
9/23/2020 6:19 PMPosted by: 360DiscGolfer

I still think about this place... Miss you!
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St. Simons Island, GA Gascoigne Park DGC
9/23/2020 6:17 PMPosted by: Iriezista

GASCO Bluff Open Nov 1st 2020 9am start time
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Willow Street, PA Ship Rock DGC
9/23/2020 3:20 PMPosted by: Bassbrass

This course shows a LOT of love. Thanks for all the effort. I enjoyed it greatly.
Few of the folks dissing the final holes made any mention of the trees planted to shape the fairways in the future. I like that you are taking the long view.
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Brockport, NY Sweden Town Park
9/11/2020 9:06 PMPosted by: hisson

Highway dept made a playable fairway at hole 1. Entire course is greatly improved.
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9/9/2020 10:11 AMPosted by: Olorin

I saw some of the most amazing wildlife I have ever seen on any course! There was a rather tame 8 point deer (buck) that just watched us and kept eating. A large hawk landed on the ground not far from one shot. A male fox (reynard) was running around and a little later we saw a female fox (vixen).
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GSForest Perfect day on the course!
Reply · 9/15/2020 8:02 PM

9/9/2020 10:05 AMPosted by: Olorin

Hole 7 was by far my favorite hole, because I love water holes. The length is longer than listed on the tee sign. A gorgeous hole to a basket tucked behind a tree, but be advised that if you are aiming for the basket you have be able to throw ~250-270 to clear the water.
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Crooow Do you mean #3? Or did they re-design the course?
Reply · 9/12/2020 10:32 PM

9/8/2020 2:19 PMPosted by: jllewi

Great course. Well maintained.
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Birmingham, AL George Ward Park
9/6/2020 11:40 AMPosted by: Mr. Butlertron

I'm looking for a local disc golf store in Birmingham where can buy locally stamp discs and/or shirts and whatnot. Any suggestions?
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