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West Linn, OR Athey Creek Church
6/4/2018 9:50 AMPosted by: Marc55410

Lost my Innova Wolf on the left side of Tee 7. Color, White. It has my contact information on it. Hoping for some good karma, but the disc is not that sentimental in the grander scheme of things. June 2018
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Marc55410 UPDATE: Youth Minister named Kaipo called me to return my disc. Worth asking at the shop by the first hole if you think they may have a disc of yours.
Reply · 6/22/2018 12:36 PM

Spencer, WV Mountaineer DGC
6/2/2018 3:32 PMPosted by: wvangler

Please follow Mountaineer Disc Golf Course on Facebook for updates and course conditions. The course is 100% maintained by volunteers so at times it can be a little weedy when we are struggling to find time to get out there and clean it up. As of 6/2/18, holes 1, 3, 11, 12, and 13 are a little problematic with high grass, but still playable. I will try to get out as soon as possible to weedeat and mow, but I'm working in Clarksburg during the week and it is challenging.
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5/30/2018 10:02 PMPosted by: RainesChaines

Full 18 holes are in and the new "Mulligan 9" are growing in nicely. Maintenance crew is being established and course map is being updated.
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Corinth, TX Conserv Lost Pines
5/30/2018 5:13 PMPosted by: Pizza God

Just an FYI, there are "No Trespassing" signs around the course. It is not fenced off, but I don't think they want the public to play here, that is why I didn't list it.
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Pizza God BTW, I remember there being 10 baskets for 18 holes.
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5/29/2018 3:16 PMPosted by: chevis

map here slightly out of date; 4 more holes added after 4 (hillside)
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Fort Myers Beach, FL Bay Oaks DGC
5/29/2018 11:07 AMPosted by: PRkilla

I aced hole 4, 5/28/18.
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Oxford, OH Miami University
5/28/2018 6:21 PMPosted by: sisyphus

New listing "Miami U Oxford" is the new 18 hole layout that has been in the ground since 2017.
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Cramerton, NC Goat Island DGC
5/26/2018 11:51 AMPosted by: S. Flavius Mercurius

Borderline unplayable today due to the mosquitoes. They are intense!
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Greenville, PA Riverside Park DGC
5/24/2018 5:40 PMPosted by: B-Rad-

Opening 6/15/2018
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Missouri City, TX Erickson/Payne Home DGC
5/23/2018 1:14 PMPosted by: Pizza God

Can someone give me the contact info so next time I am in Houston I can see if I can play the course? My goal is to play every public course in Texas and as many private ones I can get on. I still have 2 trips to Houston left, I would like to get this one in if I can.
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