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9/2/2018 4:19 PMPosted by: Diskobolos

Looks like the course has undergone some updates. There is a large color map by the parking lot, concrete tees are in good shape and new yellow band disc catchers on all holes. The layout still uses the road as a fairway on some holes :(
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Lake Village, WY George Anderson DGC
8/31/2018 4:15 PMPosted by: Blakeley

George Anderson was the first Park Superintendent that allowed libations in Yellowstone. Said it was for "medicinal" reasons. Glad to see this course has brought so much pleasure since designing it in 1991 while a Lake Hotel bellman. I was actually lucky enough to buy the primary Mach 3 on top of the hill from none other than Ed Headrick, himself....even have a copy of a phone message from him still on my old phone machine. The course starts and ends at Osprey Dorm because that was the corner room I lived in next to the first tee and last hole. PLEEZE enjoy playing this course if you're ever in Yellowstone and it is true that the Lake Hotel bellmen still can find you a map if you track one of them down, Be respectful of the grounds and always leave the course cleaner and safer than it was when you arrived. Blakeley
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Round Lake, IL Fairfield Park
8/29/2018 4:05 PMPosted by: Ltocadisco

Fairfield is the fairest of all fields. Come on out and tickle the chains with your discs.
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London, ON River's Edge
8/26/2018 10:00 PMPosted by: Clare

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Millarville, AB WJ Homestead
8/25/2018 2:47 AMPosted by: Rawrobo

This course is active again. Update this page. This course is back on the scene.
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Elwood, IN Elwood DGC
8/24/2018 9:15 AMPosted by: ChipBoo33

Is there a course map. Current link is for Morse Beach and us broken too.
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8/23/2018 4:35 PMPosted by: Pizza God

LOL, figures I just cleared that area and now a new course pops up. Well I will try to get by next time I head to San Antonio.
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8/21/2018 8:32 PMPosted by: sisyphus

Final master design will entail giving space back to the park from three of the four holes inside the path, in exchange for the future loop shown in this map: https://scontent-ort2-2.xx.fb...p;oe=5BEF4002
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Akron, IN The Boonies DGC
8/21/2018 1:35 PMPosted by: ChipBoo33

Pix are 6 years old. Still accurate?
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Muskego, WI Denoon DGC
8/19/2018 12:05 PMPosted by: Dire Wolfy

so #7's basket is gone?
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harr0140 That was reported to me about 10 days ago. I alerted the city and the police have been notified. I'll update as soon as I hear anything. I will post that in the conditions right now also.
Reply · 8/19/2018 5:24 PM

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