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Hamilton, OH Millikin Mile
1/25/2017 9:59 AMPosted by: onthemile

Want to see a full 18 at Millikin Woods this year? The Hamilton Parks are offering hole sponsorships to make it a reality. If you played the Setting Sun in October, youâ€(TM)ve seen the enormous potential for an extended course at Millikin.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us buy nine more DiscCatchers, permanent tee signs, and a few extra sleeves to install some alternate pin positions.

Benefits of hole sponsorship include:

A. $500 or more: Your name or business logo featured prominently on the tee sign of your choice (plus B and C below)
B. $100 or more: Your name or business name featured on the course map/welcome sign (plus C below)
C. $30 or more: Two free Millikin Mile discs (Pick from Innova Roc, Shark, Aviar, Glow Aviar, or Zephyr)

The easiest way to donate is by selecting the Disc Golf fund at https://www.hamiltonfoundatio...g/donate-now/or message me directly and I can provide a full information packet.

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your boss!
Help us spread the word and we can cross that tunnel in 2017!
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1/24/2017 3:18 PMPosted by: LetsPlayGolf

This is the course that will be used for the DGPT Jonesboro Open in mid April. There are several changes happening on the course. For a full list of those changes as well as a new map, goto and click on 'Courses'.
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1/24/2017 1:26 PMPosted by: sillybizz

I agree with the Valkyrie Kid. I live five(ish) miles away from here and been only twice; once to bag it and once to show a friend what a comically terrible course looks like.
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Laurinburg, NC Scotland County DGC
1/24/2017 11:56 AMPosted by: pmay5

Hi guys, I'm gong to try and make it down there in a couple of weeks to play your course. So, park by the ball fields and the first tee is behind the ... Health Dept building?
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Cottleville, MO College Meadows Park
1/21/2017 3:40 PMPosted by: mrbro855

Love the course, but it still is more like a farm field than a city park course. Needs real grass in the fairways and basket areas, would greatly help prevent the course from being marshy after it rains. Otherwise, it's a solid course!!
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1/20/2017 3:15 PMPosted by: klay

Hole in the Sky DGC has been featured in the 2017 Colorado Disc Golf Events calendar for the month of January. View this photo, as well as the other eleven, at this link:
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Coon Rapids, MN Coon Rapids DGC
1/20/2017 9:41 AMPosted by: djschnabel

I assume it was already known, but holes 20 and 21 are pulled for the winter. As of now, 1 and 19 are still in; but that could change if there are safety concerns for the sledders. Teepads are ok; sloppy in parts, ice is almost gone. This will change over the next few days for certain.
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Salinas, CA The Stadium Course
1/20/2017 12:20 AMPosted by: Chain Love

Week 3 of the 2017 52 Week Disc Golf Course Challenge 1/21/17. Come challenge yourself to a new course in Cali each week. #52weekdicgolfcoursechallenge.
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1/18/2017 8:05 PMPosted by: The Valkyrie Kid

It's only fair that this course is dying, it was destined for a slow, painful death from the beginning!
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1/18/2017 10:02 AMPosted by: teamudgp

Lost a White DX Roc on 10 Whitetail. Went in water on far right
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