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Sunset Hills, MO Watson Trail Park
6/23/2017 12:30 AMPosted by: sstieg

Fun course if you are in the area. Make sure you have a picture or print out of the map in the media page. I can be a little confusing if you don't.
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Juneau, AK Aant'iyeik Park
6/20/2017 1:16 PMPosted by: gabereif

I'm cruising to Juneau on July 4th. Anyone wanna play a round? Post here or send me a private message. Thanks!
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Bertram, IA High Point DGC
6/19/2017 12:28 AMPosted by: pauldst

Played this tonight....
I only found 8 teepads, and am not sure that what I threw as holes 7, 8, & 9 were the actual holes. Or, if what I thought were the hole numbers were the right numbers.
I am guessing:
1 starts in the SE corner, and then goes up into the woods on the right;
2 starts west of 1's tee, and then goes straight to the west;
3's tee is back towards 1's basket, and then goes west and uphill;
4's tee is to the north and west, and then goes east and hooks north;
5's tee is down to the southwest, and then goes northeast up into the woods;
6's tee is uphill a bit to the northeast, and then goes north through the woods;
7's tee is back to the southeast, but then goes to??? I threw to the basket around to the east, rather than the one a short way to the south;
I then threw from the teepad south of the northeast basket, near the pavement, to the basket to the west;
For the last hole, I threw from the same teepad as for 7, because I couldn't find any other teepad, to the basket tucked into the trees around to the southeast.

Did I get the layout wrong? Did I miss a teepad?
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Elgin, IL Rolling Knolls
6/18/2017 2:02 PMPosted by: astrimbu

"Thanks for the feedback and info. Rolling Knolls disc golf course is not officially open at this time and we would like to keep users off the course while we complete construction on the course. Can you post on any relevant pages and I'm happy for you to put my name and contact info for people with questions. I'll update you with the official opening date once I get from the team."

- Kindy from Cook County Forest Preserve on June 16
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Fort Worth, TX TCC Northwest Campus
6/17/2017 11:41 AMPosted by: Fergnormous

Not a very challenging course. It still fun nonetheless. A few holes have Ft. Worth as a backdrop. If in the area, I recommend you play this course.
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6/16/2017 11:30 PMPosted by: Pizza God

LOL, I just played the 5 courses near here 2 weeks ago, this course was not listed or I would have hit it too.
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Oldsmar, FL Oldsmar DGC
6/15/2017 8:49 PMPosted by: wellsbranch250

Grand Opening is currently scheduled for June 24th. Final tees and last 2 baskets to be installed over the next week.
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Cincinnati, OH Woodland Mound Park
6/15/2017 12:31 PMPosted by: DJ Space Case

Lost my champion valkyrie on hole 13 to the right, get at me if you find it!! 5132390355
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Cincinnati, OH Johnson Hills Park
6/15/2017 12:28 PMPosted by: DJ Space Case

Ronnie Gardner I found your red disc on hole 3 off to the right, call me at 5132390355
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Kenockee, MI Mill Creek
6/14/2017 9:40 PMPosted by: donnyv

Course is in perfect condition and freshly mowed and trimmed. Stony and Addison are closed off for DGLO this weekend so head on up to Mill Creek.
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