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Shreveport, LA Highland Park
1/19/2018 3:35 AMPosted by: highlander

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Grovetown, GA Patriot's Park
1/17/2018 1:27 PMPosted by: heelboycraig

Why's the course being pulled? Is there a date? Enjoyed playing here after surviving the IDGC.
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1/15/2018 4:03 PMPosted by: BogeyNoMore

Basket #2 was moved, and holes A-F are unplayable due to construction for the pipeline.
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Richland, WA James Lawless Park
1/15/2018 2:37 PMPosted by: chevis

coming in 2018 some of these longer tees: #2 35ft behind current. #3 the wood plank behind 2's basket (500ft. int. par 4). #4 further uphill (sharing 8). #5 30ft left of current. #6 sidewalk color change down by wellhouse intersection. #8 50ft behind current. #9 uphill 80ft behind current. #11 90ft behind current (sharing 9). #12 behind & left 40ft. #17 70ft behind current.
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Tuscaloosa, AL Ol' Colony
1/14/2018 9:19 PMPosted by: Brian Thompson

Hoping to get funding this year for concrete teepads and benches.
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wellsbranch250 thanks for the update, im hoping to hit the 3 courses in town later this spring/summer. hopefully they will be in.
Reply · 1/15/2018 10:37 AM

Tuscaloosa, AL Ol' Colony
1/14/2018 9:09 PMPosted by: Brian Thompson

The course was layed out around a FAA radar tower and one stipulation in designing the course was that no holes could be placed where throws could hit the tower. Hence, there are some long walks between a few holes. There is a rumor that the tower might be decommissioned and if so then at least two holes will be redesigned for a better flow.
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Fall Branch, TN Harmon Hills
1/12/2018 9:38 AMPosted by: BogeyNoMore

Holes 1-18 upgraded to green Prodigy baskets, with hole #'s clearly visible on the top band. 19-27 have yellow Innova Discatchers - easy to spot in the woods, but no hole #'s on the band.
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Hudson, FL Sunset Ridge DGC
1/9/2018 6:51 PMPosted by: SunKingDiscSports

This course was opened in January 2018 and will essentially be under construction for the next 18-24 months.

Here is a breakdown of our planned build out schedule:

PHASE I " January 2018
Raw build out " 18 baskets/tees
Shop open + Grand Opening

PHASE II " January " March 2018
18 additional pin positions, inaugural tournaments, course grooming, seeding

PHASE III " April " September 2018
18 additional tees, FL Wildflower tourney, permanent tee signs, prorated annual fee

PHASE IV " October 2018 " March 2019
18 additional baskets, 18 hole “Max Mini” baskets, additional grooming on greens and tees, PDGA Directors Cup, Members Only Championship, Winter Wonderland tournament

PHASE V " April 2019 " September 2019
Corporate Partnership goes live, Finish final grooming, FL Junior DG Championships

First 99 members are $99 if purchased in the first 99 days!
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Astoria, OR Lower Columbia DGC
1/8/2018 1:05 AMPosted by: Fly Tracks

if you've lost a disc here I turned in 17 disc to Goodwill today, tried to contact owners twice with no response so donated all.
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Jacksonville, FL New World DGC
1/5/2018 11:59 AMPosted by: pmay5

I just watched the DGPT Championship video from your facility, very impressive! Doing some research, I see you now have up to 4 DG courses on the ball golf course. It would be great to see those courses set up here, with course maps. Thanks a lot!!
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