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St. Petersburg, FL Tocobaga DGC
2/10/2017 11:59 PMPosted by: wellsbranch250

A major course update occurred in December. new tees, baskets, signs, seating and a few other small things.
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tedy4444 baskets not new. they were repainted but that didn't last long. being right on the bay, they get a lot of corrosion naturally. we've been doing what we can with signage trying to improve it. as a federal park we can't do any digging at all and need city permission for just about anything, including trimming fairways. New course map coming very soon to message board at hole 1. strongly suggest taking a picture of it before starting your round. it will clear up the navigation issues when they come up. thanks for the constant updates on here and modification of your review wellsbranch.
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2/10/2017 3:08 PMPosted by: timg

Bag found on 2/10. Details here:
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2/10/2017 11:50 AMPosted by: xb400

Join us for Monday Night league. find more info at
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Columbia, MO Harmony Bends DGC
2/9/2017 6:17 PMPosted by: DiscGolfWiki

This course is super challenging. I was out of shape when I played it this fall, so I got winded just walking up and down all of the hills.

At the time there was a lot of mud and mosquitoes everywhere so I didn't have the best of time. However, the holes I did play were fun and the scenery was simply breathtaking at some parts.

I'll do an actual review when I go again and see if they've fixed some of the drainage issues. It seems all they'd need to do is create small ditches from the muddy parts to the creeks so the water would flow that way instead of seeping into the ground.
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Panama City, FL Bay Memorial Park
2/9/2017 5:14 PMPosted by: bravo14

!!!! UPDATE!!! The park has a new 9. This will be a 18 course. They put the last basket in 2/7/2017. No tee pads as of yet. We are putting concrete pads for 17 holes. Hole 11 will not have no pad. Soon will post pictures and a video son on the new holes.
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wellsbranch250 awesome. please update the hole distances if you find the data on them
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bravo14 Will do. I play there 1-4 times a week. I may play fri afternoon
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wellsbranch250 is this your favorite of the 4 panama city courses?
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bravo14 Pretty much a home course. live right next to it lol.
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Lake Jackson, TX Dunbar Park
2/9/2017 11:22 AMPosted by: DiscNorth

Does someone know how often the course is mowed?
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Murrieta, CA Mountain Pride Park
2/8/2017 8:08 PMPosted by: Um...

Shout out to the kids smashing concrete blocks on hole 10-11 this weekend. ROIIIIIID RAAAAGE!!
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Princeton, WV Glenwood Park
2/7/2017 9:13 PMPosted by: greg_b_4

Starting Feb 12 2017 we will begin our 8 week doubles winter points series. Runs every Sunday for 8 weeks starting at 2pm sharp.
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Decatur, AL Flying Dragon
2/7/2017 8:57 AMPosted by: f'in draggin'

Work has begun on the final 6 holes to make this a complete 18 hole course. Stay tuned for further details...
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f'in draggin' see the "Spring/Summer..." map in the Links/Files tab
Reply · 2/8/2017 9:25 PM
f'in draggin' well f*%#! never mind. it's now the only file and it's called 'Course Map'. the original/current course map has been deleted.
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Moscow Mills, MO Redemption Ranch
2/7/2017 12:12 AMPosted by: ToddT

Where can I get a map of all 27 holes? The current map/guide only shows 19 and I am afraid I will not be able to find them.

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