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Pasco, WA Big Cross DGC
9/4/2017 2:44 AMPosted by: intheory87

Played it today for first time, not bad for a course that just opened. Signs should be installed soon to make it bit easier to judge pin distance and navigate the course.
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North Bend, WA EJ Roberts DGC
9/4/2017 2:27 AMPosted by: Bubka1606

Great new 4 hole pitch and putt.
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La Grange, KY Wendell Moore Park
9/3/2017 8:22 PMPosted by: sisyphus

Hope folks don't mind, but I updated the hole distance for #16 short to the 433' listed on the course map and at the tee sign. Also fyi, if someone local wants to do so, convention puts red tees as shorter than whites (green, red, white, blue, gold). But folks have already put scores in mostly from the red (long) tees, so...
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Saskatoon, SK Diefenbaker Park DGC
9/2/2017 3:57 PMPosted by: Cudoig

The course is not well marked. Make sure you review the map near hole one before playing if you haven't been there before. Confusing between holes 2 and 3 and even more so between holes 6 and 7 (long walk).
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Roswell, GA East Roswell Park
8/30/2017 2:27 PMPosted by: Wcmckee23

If found please call the number on the back of my discs, they must've fallen out of my bag
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8/25/2017 5:26 PMPosted by: thrembo

Rumor on the street is that tee signs coming!
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8/25/2017 9:49 AMPosted by: Discbob

2 new baskets stolen brand new innova baskets #3 and #4 painted on baskets.
Reward posted for return of baskets. Park district has used old innova baskets to replace missing baskets. REWARD
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8/25/2017 9:44 AMPosted by: Discbob

This course has been re-opened August 15, 2017. Basket installed ,
tee pads complete, waiting on signage. New design used same flow of the course as the original with small changes.
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Palmyra, MO Flower City DGC
8/24/2017 10:00 PMPosted by: Mkenney9086

Can anyone tell me where 3 basket is
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Tonawanda, NY Veterans Park DGC
8/24/2017 4:32 PMPosted by: fullcircle_bflo

Lost a Tye Dye Valk in the woods off #4, had blue and red dye in kind of a star pattern. Figured it'd be a long shot to post on here but worth a shot.
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fullcircle_bflo Earlier this year my friend also lost a Blue Champion Valk in the same woods. Guess we should stop throwing them.
Reply · 8/24/2017 4:34 PM

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