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9/5/2018 2:24 PMPosted by: giles

Still there. No tee boxes marked for the course. Mowed and baskets were ok with one exception, outer ring at the base of the chains was busted leaving a few chains hanging loose.
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9/5/2018 8:05 AMPosted by: joecoin

Warning! Hole 15. Across the water, on the shores edge is a 20 foot tall dead tree trunk. Inside live thousands of yellow jackets. Don't ask me how I know.
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Willard, OH Willard City Park
9/3/2018 8:14 AMPosted by: joecoin

SEPT 8TH. 10 AM Tee off.
2 rounds of 18. Reg 8:30 to 9:30 donation only.

I will have lunch for every one. Will have some ctps. Some plastic for winners. Most of all I want to show willard how supportive and appreciative the disc golf community is. Enjoy the weather play disc golf and get some good data on course difficulty from scores.

I'm sure most have heard the willard course has been in the works. Well the first 9 is done and ready to play.
City of Willard and the parks dept have been great to deal with. Raising the money completely and quickly. Working on the course every step of the way. Brush hogging, spraying weeds, cutting paths putting in concrete tees. Its gone better than expected.
On top of all this they are on board and allowed 3 pin placements on every hole. This will allows 6 different looks on every hole. Par 3 to par 5s on the same hole by a move of a basket. This is great for our sport. We can accommodate casuals, intermediate and pros on the same course.
They want to add 9 more to make 18, but want to ensure its a good investment and will be used. That's where we come in. All that is required is to play the course, and let them know with 9 more would get used even more.

Thank all, Mike Taylor
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Coulter, IA Firebird DGC
9/2/2018 4:47 PMPosted by: Diskobolos

The map on this site is out of date, the course has undergone a redesign. The first tee is near the corner of Barrett & 3rd st and plays across the road and baseball diamond.
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9/2/2018 4:19 PMPosted by: Diskobolos

Looks like the course has undergone some updates. There is a large color map by the parking lot, concrete tees are in good shape and new yellow band disc catchers on all holes. The layout still uses the road as a fairway on some holes :(
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Lake Village, WY George Anderson DGC
8/31/2018 4:15 PMPosted by: Blakeley

George Anderson was the first Park Superintendent that allowed libations in Yellowstone. Said it was for "medicinal" reasons. Glad to see this course has brought so much pleasure since designing it in 1991 while a Lake Hotel bellman. I was actually lucky enough to buy the primary Mach 3 on top of the hill from none other than Ed Headrick, himself....even have a copy of a phone message from him still on my old phone machine. The course starts and ends at Osprey Dorm because that was the corner room I lived in next to the first tee and last hole. PLEEZE enjoy playing this course if you're ever in Yellowstone and it is true that the Lake Hotel bellmen still can find you a map if you track one of them down, Be respectful of the grounds and always leave the course cleaner and safer than it was when you arrived. Blakeley
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Round Lake, IL Fairfield Park
8/29/2018 4:05 PMPosted by: Ltocadisco

Fairfield is the fairest of all fields. Come on out and tickle the chains with your discs.
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London, ON River's Edge
8/26/2018 10:00 PMPosted by: Clare

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Millarville, AB WJ Homestead
8/25/2018 2:47 AMPosted by: Rawrobo

This course is active again. Update this page. This course is back on the scene.
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Elwood, IN Elwood DGC
8/24/2018 9:15 AMPosted by: ChipBoo33

Is there a course map. Current link is for Morse Beach and us broken too.
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