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Kernersville, NC Patriot DGC
8/16/2017 9:33 PMPosted by: heelboycraig

Food for thought for potential first-time players. Through 20 reviews, course is getting a 3.07 rating from 7 TRs and a 4.15 from 13 non-TRs. Keep that in mind when coming here to play.
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Montello, WI Wilderness DGC
8/16/2017 12:39 PMPosted by: lostRomantic

If you ride a motorcycle don't expect to be able to park with your friends. They do not allow motorcycles into their campground, and because you have to go through the campground to get to the disc golf course parking, they will direct you to park next to the RV dump station outside the park entrance and then walk across the park to it.

To note, at this time, there is nothing on their website or Facebook that states this policy. So after I rode all the way from Neenah (~80 miles) to play a round with my friends, I was informed I was not allowed to park with them. Why aren't bikes allowed? For noise? I ride an extremely quiet Goldwing, they allow much louder RVs and buses into the campgrounds. Not to mention, the very loud 4 wheelers that the staff rip around on all over the campgrounds. Because I was excluded from the same amenities afforded every other vehicle except for bikes, I decided to leave and enjoy a nice ride instead of going discing.

I don't think I've ever seen a business exclude amenities to bikers… if anything, they provide extra amenities to them, like concrete pads. I'm not expecting anything extra, I'm only expecting not to be excluded from parking with my friends simply for riding a motorcycle. It's not a big deal that I expect others to care about, it's merely a matter of principle to me personally, but as someone who is passionate about motorcycles, I'm not going to support a business that excludes riders from the same benefits afforded other vehicles. If you have bikes and enjoy riding, be warned, you'll be parking next to an RV dump station.
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Fair Haven, MI Ira Park DGC
8/16/2017 10:40 AMPosted by: Wiiwillrockyoup

Can confirm there is Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac in the woods off of Hole #6, possibly the back three. Haven't had any problems in the front five, possibly something in and around the cattail pond to the right of Hole #1. Don't forget your Tecnu!
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Plymouth, MI NorthRidge Church
8/16/2017 9:30 AMPosted by: MisterJ

This is a neat course. I'm not a fan of the rough, but the course isn't too bad and I dig the location around the church.
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Clarksville, IN Lapping Memorial Park
8/15/2017 5:47 PMPosted by: nhchof

Love this course. Can't wait til the tee pads are in! Great job Adam
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Georgetown Township, MI Rush Creek Park
8/13/2017 5:40 PMPosted by: Pateradactyl

Hole lengths/pars need to be updated..nice 9 hole course with some challenging holes for sure
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Pateradactyl Added new map (hole 4 may be slightly off on map but better than before) along with measurements..hole 5 is only one I felt should be upgraded to a par 4 based on distance and layout
Reply · 8/26/2017 10:26 AM

Suffield, CT Sunrise Park
8/13/2017 12:11 AMPosted by: TNTDSTRYR

This park is for residents only
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St. John, MO Endicott Park
8/12/2017 7:01 PMPosted by: muttdawg

most awesome park!
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Oak Park Heights, MN Brekke Park
8/11/2017 12:40 PMPosted by: Hazard

Aced Hole 8, with Rhyno. 8/11/2017
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Madison, WI Door Creek DGC
8/11/2017 12:11 PMPosted by: ElementZ

The first reviewer wrote there are "no hole designation signs". Are these just baskets in a field for now?
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gmueller252525 There are temporary orange driveway marker stakes right now where I believe the tees are suppose to be.
Reply · 8/31/2017 10:02 AM
ElementZ Thank you! Without pictures, it's hard to get a grasp of this course.
Reply · 9/11/2017 11:20 AM

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