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Mountain Iron, MN Mountain Iron DGC
7/10/2018 7:04 PMPosted by: Diskobolos

Please transfer the information for this course to the West Two Rivers - Painted Turtle page and merge to two, it is the same course.
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7/10/2018 7:01 PMPosted by: Diskobolos

Please transfer the information from the Mountain Iron course to this page and merge the two, it is the same course.
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Walhalla, MI Walhalla Woods
7/8/2018 5:41 PMPosted by: cthorsgard

Thanks for letting us play on your course today, Seth! This is in my top 5 of the courses I've been to and as you know, we have a lot of great courses here in Michigan. Have a good one!

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Council Grove, KS Kanza View DGC
7/8/2018 4:53 PMPosted by: KansasCajun

All 18 concrete Tee Pads are in place!
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Charlotte, NC Robert L. Smith Park
7/8/2018 12:28 PMPosted by: roadiejim1

Severely overgrown, so difficult to walk the paths we actually quit on 4th hole. Lots of thorn bushes. Hard to see the signs due to overgrowth
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Ste Genevieve, MO Pere Marquette Park
7/7/2018 11:46 PMPosted by: eupher61

July 2018 Course Map is correct. As of 7/7/18 holes are renumbered. Map here, on UDisc, and on PDGA is correct. Back holes are not well-marked, that is coming soon. UDisc map is pretty accurate for on course use. Marquee is just uphill from #1, scorecards will be corrected, map posted, and general info on marquee will be updated soon.
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Wildwood, FL Lake Okahumpka
7/6/2018 1:38 PMPosted by: Hoopasaurus

Great 9 hole course and easy to play twice as it flows nicely. Only complaint is that T Signs are too close to pad so if you throw from the right side of the pad to throw an anhyzer or something the sign is directly in your way, not a huge deal but can be annoying at times.Course is usually well kept up and having restrooms sort of near by is great! Waiting for hopes that they add more holes soon.
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7/6/2018 12:16 AMPosted by: steveshively

BC3 Disc Golf is in the process of installing concrete tee pads on all 24 holes for both red & blue tees. During this process some tee pads will be unplayable for a week (temporary tees will be marked nearby). We appreciate your patience while we complete this upgrade.
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Perkasie, PA The Preserve DGC
7/3/2018 1:12 PMPosted by: NathanNoodleArm

When is this going to be open?
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Marysville, OH Marysville DGC
7/3/2018 9:57 AMPosted by: runningoz

New tee signs and course map kiosk installed
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