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Chugchilán, Cotopaxi, Ecuador The Black Sheep Inn DGC
4/8/2018 6:36 PMPosted by: Brado

I'm looking forward to playing a few rounds there.
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Gulfport, MS Brickyard Mile
4/4/2018 7:26 PMPosted by: JJack39501

Brickyard Mile began on a map that measured 5280' which is roughly 275' short however there should be room for a little later for more advanced players
The course plays very quickly no journey for the next tee and is while quite compact there in a front 9 and back 9 each leading back to your vehicle,and also a short distance from 4.
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4/4/2018 2:49 PMPosted by: Pizza God

Got to love it when a new course pops up with almost zero information
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c_a_miller What more are you looking for? The local club, North Side Chain Gang, plays it when they visit it, and they talk about the disc golf course on their website. Until someone on here goes out and plays it, then this is all the information we have.
Reply · 4/6/2018 1:57 PM

Pagosa Springs, CO Elk Hill
4/4/2018 9:18 AMPosted by: giles

New Discatcher Pro for #1's red pin. Now have 5 Discatcher Pro baskets in play 8 times.
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4/3/2018 6:43 PMPosted by: Lander

Course Map has been updated
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New Boston, MI Willow Metropark
4/3/2018 4:16 PMPosted by: BogeyNoMore

DG is on the Park's list of planned improvements. Park Website says something along the lines of: "Partial Relocation and Facilities Update to mitigate drainage issues." This could be a good thing, seeing as about 6-8 holes get so waterlogged after a rain that it's like playing in a swamp.

Please update if you find out more info.

Here's the link:
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4/3/2018 10:57 AMPosted by: guido79

Played for first time yesterday. New pads are nice for A positions along with new baskets. Can't wait to try the B & C positions. Appreciate all the work going into the course.
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Muskego, WI Denoon DGC
4/2/2018 6:29 PMPosted by: Dire Wolfy

On the muskego website it said the course would be open on the 1st, but I checked today and the course has no baskets, teepads are there however.Is there an official date of the course opening?
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harr0140 Sorry to hear that . . . they never gave me a date other than to say likely in May. Not sure why they published April 1st. Waiting on tee-signs to be completed and benches and garbage cans to be installed so the course is "complete"
Reply · 4/3/2018 2:49 PM

4/2/2018 12:27 AMPosted by: Joshanna

We went on Easter Sunday morning at 8 am and the course was unplayable. So many people in the farways with tents and picnicking. DO NOT GO ON EASTER SUNDAY or other holidays?
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Riverdale, UT Riverpark DGC
3/29/2018 5:49 PMPosted by: Nudga Stu

We're going to be working on tee-pads 3/31. Love some more help!
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