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Midlothian, VA The Breeze
7/25/2018 12:49 PMPosted by: kcrushka

Just went out today to add a few last minute improvements: directional minis added at or near the baskets to point the way to the next set of tees; a visibility pole for the blind basket on hole 13; red arrows and spray paint to mark the tees for easy visibility.

Scott K will be out later this afternoon to weed-eat OB lines and around the pins. (Thank that man for his hard work if you ever see him, please!)
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7/25/2018 9:09 AMPosted by: bigreddog

New in 2018: Old hole 12 removed, Old holes 14 and 15 combined into one. Two brand new holes added at the start.
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Kokomo, IN The Preserve
7/23/2018 12:46 PMPosted by: Kaselier

It should be noted. The first hole, which was often considered gimicky and annoying since the basket was so high, has been changed. The basket is now much lower to the rock, you can easily reach the basket without climbing or using a stick The hole is now much more easy to putt on since it is not a death putt from 15' away.
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Golden, CO Wondervu DGC
7/23/2018 11:44 AMPosted by: NetflixNinja

What a great course! Highly recommended!
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Darlington, PA Big Beaver DGC
7/23/2018 9:17 AMPosted by: drambo

Please keep in mind that this course is not completed. We are working hard to finish the course but it's a slow process. The course is being installed by volunteers. If you would like to help you can contact us on facebook.
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Burlington, MA Simonds Park
7/22/2018 10:17 PMPosted by: SlowBen

Does anyone know if there is a local disc golf community around the Simonds Park course? Just moved into the area and want to play with some people
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7/20/2018 1:12 AMPosted by: sstieg

I'm not going to post a review because it's still new. The fairways are cut and mowed well, there's just too many trees that were left and you will kick off into rough about every hole. Played this course on 7/14/18 and we quit this course after hole 7. So many holes were poke and hope besides hole 1 and 2 and it just got redundant. Don't waste your time here, go and play the other 2 courses in the area, they were fun.
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Indianapolis, IN Brookside Park
7/19/2018 8:17 PMPosted by: LaserGlide68

Temp layout being utilized while baskets are pulled:

Play 1-9 as normal (Long tees)
Hole 10-from the corner to #16's basket
Hole 11-#16's short Tee to #15 basket
Hole 12-regular Hole #15
Hole 13-play #16 (Longs)
Hole 14-play #17.
Hole 15-play #18
Hole 16-#1 (Short)
Hole 17-play short tee #1 - #3 basket.
Hole 18-play #4 tee- #18 basket.
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Pace, FL The Way
7/18/2018 4:01 AMPosted by: RecRob

This course was installed 7/14/2018. The course will receive upgrades as the public shows interest in it. Correct distances will be installed asap.
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Eastpointe, MI Spindler Park
7/16/2018 4:25 PMPosted by: SpindlerParkDiscGolf

Newest course in the state of Michigan and more importantly the east side of Detroit.
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