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Fulshear, TX Flewellen Creek DGC
10/10/2017 12:11 AMPosted by: bransten

Needs a beginning course map . And at the practice basket u couple put up spots to shoot from all the way around like around the world or pig
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Aurora, OH Sunny Lake DGC
10/9/2017 1:39 PMPosted by: edmungk

This course is very confusing to navigate. Could use tree marrows like Centerville Mills Park just down the road. Nice challenging course otherwise.
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10/8/2017 1:05 AMPosted by: scvanm

Very fun course. Well marked tees and baskets. Good job guys.
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Champlain, NY Champlain DGC
10/6/2017 9:08 PMPosted by: Through the Chains

FYI - Can I suggest parking off of River Street, there's a spot way down by hole number eight. Just be careful, parking down there could mean an out of control disc could strike your car. It is a long hike back to number 1 but this way when you finish you're at your car.
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Keeseville, NY Ausable Chasm DGC
10/6/2017 9:01 PMPosted by: Through the Chains

If you do go to play the course you'll have to stop in to the Ausable Chasm CAMP GROUND. This is located on route 373 off of rt 9, do NOT go to the actual Ausable Park. Once you pay, you can either walk to course which is a little hike or if you drive you'll have to get back on rt 373, head west to rt 9, make a right so you're going north then pull off on a side parking area off the rd, there's a huge sign there that says :Ausable Chasm Recreation Center"
The Back 9
OKAY, the back nine, I was told "it's across the street" let me save you a little time DO NOT GO ACROSS RT 9, The back nine is across there little gravel drive way. If you look at the map the back nine is located in that small corner of land where rt 373 and rt 9 come together. Basically where you made the right off of rt 373, right there. It flows fairly well and easy to navigate. Good luck
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Gulfport, MS Brickyard Bayou
10/4/2017 5:53 PMPosted by: MsCoaster

Rising from the dead! All new Discatcher baskets. If the city follows through and stays on top of upkeep, it can be a nice course.
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10/4/2017 9:35 AMPosted by: davetherocketguy

Come play the Teeing off for Tees event at the end of this month and help us get some tee pads installed:
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10/2/2017 4:36 PMPosted by: Floridariverchamps

I really want to like coming to this park but they never cut the grass... It was knee deep two weeks ago and waist deep in some areas this week.
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Melvindale, MI Melvindale DGC
9/27/2017 5:04 PMPosted by: BogeyNoMore

#1 basket has been replaced... all nine are playable now.
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Richmond, RI Willow Valley
9/27/2017 2:51 PMPosted by: rytek913

9/27 will unfortunately be our last league night of the season. We had a great year and are looking forward to next April. Thank you to all those that came out
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