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Morrisville, NC Lenovo DGC
7/5/2017 7:19 PMPosted by: Jonathan K.

What do you guys think of the Black Hole baskets? We are getting ready to install a course at my school and are seriously considering getting these, especially now that they have different color options for the top band.
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Northville, MI Cass Benton Hills DGC
7/5/2017 4:38 PMPosted by: BogeyNoMore

18 short tee: back of tee broke off, lost about 2ft off the tee.
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Redford, MI Lola Valley
7/5/2017 4:27 PMPosted by: BogeyNoMore

Hole 1 is basically gone; no basket or tee marker. The other 8 holes are playable.
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7/5/2017 12:23 PMPosted by: rflahive

As of July 5, 2017, Holes 2, 7, and 10 are in the long positions.
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(Camden) Osceola, NY Osceola Tug Hill - North
7/5/2017 11:57 AMPosted by: discdrive

RIP Osceola North. You will be missed.
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7/3/2017 9:42 PMPosted by: Pizza God

lol, how long ago was the course put back in. I was in town a few months ago and could not find one basket or even a hole where a basket was so I had it removed from this web site.
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Anchorage, AK Service High School
7/1/2017 6:01 PMPosted by: Mr. Butlertron

"Today's Course Photo" 7-1-2017 is hole 4 of this course! There's a lot of potential at Service, maybe one day the course will get some proper attention.
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Evergreen Park, IL 50 Acre Park
6/30/2017 10:07 AMPosted by: airspuds

Beware of pedestrians not knowing that they are strolling on disc golf course. Lots more now !
Please be courteous and a good disc golf ambassador. Pick up any garbage please !
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Toronto, ON Toronto Island
6/29/2017 7:30 PMPosted by: theHip

Can someone please update the course conditions? I will be visiting Toronto end of July from Vancouver and would really like to know if I will be able to finally play this course... Is it under water... is the flooding done? Thanks in advance.
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Joliet, IL Highland Park
6/29/2017 10:00 AMPosted by: Dana

Few recent updates as of 6/28/17
Hole 5 pin moved back near original position.
Hole 6 pin moved to new location.
Hole 11 pin moved to new location.
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