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5/7/2018 12:06 PMPosted by: AmonG

Working on spring cleaning then will be posting all new pictures of the Holes. Many have changed since the last updated pictures. We also have 16 real PDGA approved baskets. Some long Tee positions as well. Please check back and come out to throw anytime.
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Mount Dora, FL 9th Avenue DGC
5/5/2018 12:53 AMPosted by: The Miniac

9th Avenue Park disc golf course is Mount Dora's second 9-hole disc golf course and it is the 2nd new course, designed and built specifically for the Lake County Disc Golf Trail.
Big thanks to the City of Mount Dora and the Lake County Economic Development and Tourism Board for their support! Enjoy!
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Wichita Falls, TX Lake Wichita Park
5/4/2018 4:55 PMPosted by: wiz2525

Although I have played this course, I have forgotten the layout. Is there a layout map, or is there even such a thing? I now live about 2 blocks from the course, and am considering picking up the game again after many years.
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Gervais, OR Wheatland DGC
5/3/2018 4:57 PMPosted by: DanGarion

2018 Thursday Night Summer League starts May 24th here at Wheatland. Check out the league page on Disc Golf Scene for more information!
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Boston, MA Franklin Park
5/2/2018 12:07 PMPosted by: woolguy

Planning to be there early to late afternoon Saturday, May 5th. Interested folks should e-mail Anyone wanting to help with a map is invited to reach out too.
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White Settlement, TX Saddle Hills DGC
5/2/2018 12:07 AMPosted by: Pizza God

did the course get redone again? Why is there a new listing for this course?
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Pizza God ok, comparing the old map to the new, very few changes. Too bad about loosing old hole 9, it was one of the best on the course (in my opinion) Well, I guess I will have to make it over there to play the new course layout when I get a chance.
Reply · 5/5/2018 8:57 PM

Sterling, IL Sinnissippi Park
4/29/2018 6:22 PMPosted by: Fademan

New, updated maps are being installed.
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North Platte, NE Jaycee Park
4/29/2018 7:59 AMPosted by: pmoris321

Fun little course. Sandy. Most of the holes can be done in 2 strokes. Hole 9 is the only longer hole at over 300 ft. Junipers and trees are what make this course interesting.
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Bryant, AR The TRAXX
4/29/2018 12:33 AMPosted by: Bmw13

I'm going tomorrow
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Hays, KS Frontier Park
4/25/2018 11:22 PMPosted by: air show

Every time I go back to Hays, my hometown, Frontier Park shows improvements. They have added new Veteran baskets 2 on every hole. Red ones for the original pin placements and white for rotating alternate placements. I am very proud of my home town Hays, KS.
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