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7/25/2019 3:32 PMPosted by: Faulkner

There's been a few locals that have tried to head up and play this course on a couple occasions already. The reception they received upon arriving and inquiring about playing the disc golf course has been... questionable at best. The attitude that seems to be expressed is that... how would I say this.. the casual disc golfer isn't particularly welcome there?

I'm not sure if they don't plan on catering to the average public, being a wilderness club and all. But, the reception has not been good so far and at this point, nobody is wanting to make another trip there to be turned away or feel unwelcome. Caliber, a pro level course on private property, is about the same distance away and players are more than welcome to play there for a greens fee.
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Faulkner UPDATE:

The previous rumors, are UNTRUE.

Super fun course. The staff was EXCEPTIONALLY friendly, and stoked to have us on the property.

Course is long with some shorter holes, yet challenging. The course has manicured fairways and new concrete teepads. Very well designed and the trees have even been limbed up to about 15 feet.

Yes, I would recommend this course to anyone traveling through.
Reply · 9/10/2019 12:55 PM

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