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Pleasant Grove Park Share
Uploaded By: hurler23 Hole #1
4 / 502ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #1. Park between playground and baseball fields. Pit toilet at top of hill.

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3/13/2021 3:02 PMPosted by: DumfriesLizzie

The actual hole sign at no. 18 says par 5. Online here says par 4.
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7/21/2020 10:34 AMPosted by: Olorin

I found an unmarked disc from a drive on hole 18, in the thorns on the left side. If you can identify it I will get it back to you. Reply here, or send me a PM on the DGCR Forum page, or contact me on Facebook at DG Lowe.
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7/21/2020 10:32 AMPosted by: Olorin

On Saturday 7/18 I lost a new purple Avenger SS on my tee shot on 18. It was on the left side, in the thorn patch, in the vicinity of the biggest pine tree. I spent a couple of hours on the weekend clearing out thorns on the left side of 18, but I never found it. Since it was new it is unmarked, so please contact me here, by PM here, or on Facebook at DG Lowe. I would really appreciate getting this disc back!
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Olorin After whacking lots more thorns, I found the Avenger SS
Reply · 7/25/2020 10:04 PM

7/21/2020 10:28 AMPosted by: Olorin

On Saturday 7/18 I lost my go-to disc on my tee shot on 18. It is a white Tern with the stamp removed, and it was last seen on the right side veering into the tallest cedar tree.
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Olorin My beloved disc was returned to me! It was found after I spent 2.5 hours looking for it on 3 separate trips. (Thanks Mike!)
Reply · 8/5/2020 5:30 PM

5/19/2020 6:37 PMPosted by: Olorin

Navigation to the next tee:
3 to 4- a long walk on a meandering path through the woods
8 to 9- from the basket walk 40 ft to a T intersection at the trail. Turn RIGHT, then wind up the hill to the tee, on the left.
12 to 13- The new preferred path is the simplest. On the line of fairway 12 walk 300 ft (100 paces) past basket 12 but veer slightly to the right, and you will get there. OR, you could turn right to get back to the walking trail, turn left, go 195 ft (65 paces), and then turn Left to the tee
13 to 14- walk 100 ft up the grass path until you get to a 4 way intersection with a hiking trail. Stay straight. (You will see 17â€(TM)s basket on your right.) At the T intersection, turn LEFT and tee 14 will be on the right.
14 to15- follow the path and cross over a trail
15 to 16- from basket 15 go 200 ft straight up a small path in the trees; donâ€(TM)t turn on any intersecting paths.
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5/19/2020 2:13 PMPosted by: Olorin

Last fall, all of the leaves were blown off of the fairways and transition paths. What is the name of the person or people who used their leaf blower to do this? Do they work for the park or Fluvanna Parks and Rec?
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5/5/2020 9:40 PMPosted by: Olorin

I just uploaded my Hole Ratings in the Files section. 8 holes still do not have distances marked so the numbers are incomplete. They will be updated when the lengths become available.
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11/4/2019 10:18 PMPosted by: Olorin

Who designed this course? And who did the work to install it?
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hurler23 According to the fb page it was installed by Blue Ridge Disc Golf Club along with Fluvanna Parks and Recreation. Many volunteers as well.
Reply · 3/4/2020 8:25 PM

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