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Uploaded By: G Bud Hole #5 (Taken 6/2011)
3 / 159ft.   3 / 204ft.   3 / 256ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #5 Red Tee

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6/29/2020 8:00 AMPosted by: Olorin

Red tee 8 is literally 1 foot from White tee 9, with Red tee 9 close by. So if you play the Red tees your flow of play is as follows: On 8 throw down to the basket on the lowest level. Walk down the steps and complete hole 8. Then completely back track by walking back up the steps and walk back the entire length of of hole 8 fairway back to where you started on 8 then tee off on Red 9 from the same spot.
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DumfriesLizzie To reduce this walking if you don't want to do it, after driving from no. 6, let that disc lie out in the field for a moment. Walk over to the no. 8 tee, and throw your drive for it. Come back down in to the low field, using either the stairs or the nearly-hidden trail down the slope (nearly-hidden when the thorns are high). Finish playing 8. Then walk over to your 6 drive's lie. Finish playing 6. Walk back up the stairs or the trail to the no. 9 tee. I did that today.
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6/29/2020 7:49 AMPosted by: Olorin

DO NOT play hole 1!! There is an all glass building with a glass roof right in the middle of the fairway. Believe it or not, because of a fence on the right and the height of the building the RHBH drive requires a high hyzer that could crash in to the glass! It might be possible to dink a putter shot to the left side of the building and get a look at a 2nd shot to the basket, but I didn't think of that, and I doubt that the people playing this course would consider that option either. Right now hole 1 is UNPLAYABLE, so you should skip it unless you can figure out a route to the left. For middle school students who are mostly new to disc golf and have little control an all glass building will see broken glass very quickly and on a regular basis!!
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DumfriesLizzie The building is brand new. The fairway used to be open. I'm sure the school doesn't want anyone trying to play no. 1. The no. 7 basket has been missing for many years; I've never seen it. When the thistle is high, I now play 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 twice as holes 1-10; go around again, and play same holes twice up to 6. Then one drive on 8 and one on 9. Makes 18 holes. Somebody mentioned earlier (when the thistle as been cut down) that s/he plays no. 2 twice (as holes 1 and 2) and the same for 8 (holes 7-8). I doubt the school system ever rehabs this course. I have asked alot over the years. No response.
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2/10/2020 10:31 AMPosted by: DumfriesLizzie

Also lost my yellow Beast here in June 2019. In that long ugly hillside of thorny bushes between the top and lower fields. An errant drive off number 6 that I released far too early. Cellphone number on the rim or underside of the flight disk.
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Olorin Lizzie, I played this course on 6/28/2020 and I tried to look for your disc. Did you ever find it? If not, please clarify where you threw it. From the 6 tee I couldn't figure out how you could throw it into the thorny weed area. Is it possible that you were throwing from the Red tee on hole 8?
Reply · 6/29/2020 7:35 AM
DumfriesLizzie Don't worry about it, Olorin. I has to be long gone by now, as the thorny stuff has been cut down in the interim, and I have been there several times and walked up and down the slope. I released too early is how it got there, and the Beast has little turn, so never got out into the field. I got it short of the light pole. Just the wrong aim.
Reply · 7/15/2020 1:02 AM
DumfriesLizzie Someone has picked it up and put it in their bag, or a workman has run over it and chopped it up into pieces. Same as the putter noted below.
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12/13/2019 4:46 PMPosted by: imbadatthis

Stopped by here after school hours, but the first hole area was totally blocked off with construction materials, and the gate and the road to head down to the second hole was locked with a chain. Looked like construction fencing behind the school. Course still open on weekends, or is it totally closed off for now?
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DumfriesLizzie I did email the principal months ago about the status of the course. No reply.
Reply · 12/29/2019 3:24 PM
Forgot to mention that the gate to the path that has nos. 2 and 3 is always locked. You can walk around it on the right side. It is there just to stop motor vehicles.
Reply · 12/29/2019 3:32 PM
imbadatthis Thank you! The gate was open again, anyway. The course is able to be played and high areas but down for now.
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2/3/2019 11:24 PMPosted by: DumfriesLizzie

Also lost a brand new Franklin driver here too a few months ago. Wind grabbed it as I launched it from the no. 5 tee (or where I thought the tee would be). Took it over the fence to the east reservoir area. Yes, why do I keep playing this course???!!! Not a lot of forgiveness along the edges.
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DumfriesLizzie Franklin Albatross, it is. Medium blue. Cell number written under flight plate.
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11/6/2018 11:59 AMPosted by: DumfriesLizzie

Lost my putter in the thicket at no. 8 on yesterday. Had the wrong disc in my hands. Realized that after I released it (frown). Not likely to be found by another player, but if the maintenance folks read this forum, please call me when (if) you thin out the thicket. Number is on the disc.
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DumfriesLizzie Nevermind. I played the course again today. Found my putter all cut into little bits by the machinery used to chop down the horrid thistle.
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