Disc Golf Courses
Course Directory
Browse our extensive course directory using a variety of filters to see only the types of courses you want to see. Only interested in finding wooded 18 holers with DISCatcher baskets and course photos? No problem!
Google Map Course Directory
Not into the whole text listing thing? We've got you covered with our DGCR Disc Golf Map. You get all of the same great filtering options available in the traditional course browser but you can find courses using our Google Maps interface. Click around and start planning your road trip today!
Course Information
DGCR provides extensive course information on thousands of disc golf courses. Here is just some of the info you can find.

  • Course details: Everything from number of holes to length to hole and tee types
  • Who has played the course, who wants to play it and who will be playing it in the future
  • Upcoming events and tournaments listed right on the course page
  • Average round scores broken down by tee and hole. Which hole is the toughest? Check out the advanced score stats to find out!
  • Which other courses are nearby or in the same park? You'll find it all on the course page
Course Hole Information
You'll be able to find hole distances (for up to 3 pin positions and 4 tees!), pars, which holes have water in play and what was used to measure the holes.
Course Links & Files
Everything from links to the local clubs to course maps and scorecards can be found here so you'll spend more time playing and less time wandering.
Course Photos
Find out what a course looks like before making a trip out there. With over 20,000 course photos available, you can get to know just about any course without even playing it!
Course Reviews
The bread and butter of the site. DGCR features thousands of course reviews from your peers to help you decide which new courses you want to play.
Course Guides
DGCR course guides are members that can answer questions for you about a course or even show you around a new course you've never been to. Each course listing has a Course Guides button that will show you members that have volunteered to act as guides for the course in question.
Printable Scorecards
DGCR offers dynamic, printable scorecards for every course on the site. The information is pulled directly from the hole information on the site so any changes made to the course are reflected directly on the scorecard! You'll always have a current scorecard to print out no matter which course you're playing!
Disc Golf Events & Tournaments
Tournament Calendar
The DGCR tournament calendar gives you a public forum to list your upcoming tournaments so disc golfers around the country can find out what's happening at your local courses. Upcoming tournaments are also listed on the home page for everyone to check out. Members can also RSVP for tournaments and search for tourneys that are happening in their local area!
Regular Events
Have doubles every Thursday at your course? List it on the course page for all to know! It couldn't be easier!
Member Tools
DGCR Dashboard
Your dashboard is a great way to keep tabs on your reviews, how many votes your reviews have, the courses you've played, your favorite courses and the courses in your "wish list". In essence, your dashboard gives you a good picture of your disc golf experience and participation on the site.
DGCR's robust scorebook application allows you to record your round scores for any course you play with an amazing amount of detail. Track everything from the temperature that day to the number of putts you made on each hole to the number of penalty shots on each hole. You can even add a note for each hole to remind yourself how you got that birdie or bogey!
Score Statistics
That's not where it ends with the scorebook. DGCR generates all sorts of statistics so you can better analyze your game.

  • Average score on a course as a whole or broken down by tee
  • Average number of putts per hole
  • Total birdies, pars, bogies, etc.
  • Hole-by-hole stats broken down by tee so you can see what your averages and totals on a specific hole from a specific tee is on a course!

We also track all that information on a course level so you can easily see if your average for hole #1 from the red tees is below or above the course average for that hole! There's even more statistical info. available that hasn't been mentioned with new features being added all the time!
Disc Organizer
Track and organize your discs using DGCR's Disc Organizer.

  • Record the notes, color, manufacturer, model, plastic, weight and condition for each disc
  • Organize your discs in virtual bags so you can track different bags (tournament, recreational) or just match your real-life bag.
  • Let other's know which discs you want to trade and what you want to trade for

Another cool feature, if you lose a disc you can specify where you lost it and on which hole. That information will also be listed on the Course Info. page so should anyone find your disc (and you forgot to sharpie your # on there) they can check the DGCR lost discs list for that course and contact you.
Disc Browser
This is what ties it all together. You can browse every member's disc collection with a variety of filters. Only looking for discs that are available for trade near you? No problem. Want to see how many Wraith's are on the site? We've got you covered.
Play Schedule
Want to let everyone know when and where you'll be playing? The DGCR Play Schedule is the perfect tool. Just choose a course, date and time and you're good to go. Your round will show up on the Course Info. page, your friend's play schedule pages as well as in searches other members run to see who is playing near them.
Course Tracker
Want to keep tabs on who is updating your local courses and what changes they're making? The course tracker is the answer. You'll know who is changing what and when. Once again, a variety of filters are available so should you only want to see who is uploading photos and files you can easily do that.
DGCR Profile
Your DGCR profile is what other members will see when they look you up on the site. It shows a break-down of your played, favorited and wish listed courses as well as your reviews.

Another really cool feature is the Google Map with all your played/favorited/wish listed courses plotted so you and others can get a sense of your geographic DG experience. Also available for viewing in your profile are many of the things mentioned above such as your disc collection, play schedule and scorebook entries.
DGCR Social Profile
Leave comments for friends, add pictures to your personal gallery and customize the look of the page as much as you'd like to. Think MySpace with some disc golf thrown in!
DGCR Social Groups
Create groups for your local club or just a group of friends. Each group also has it's own mini-forum that you can use to plan events or talk about recent rounds!
DGCR Forum
Last but definitely not least comes the very active DGCR Forum. You'll find all sorts of interesting discussions ranging from techniques to the latest discs.
Facebook Integration
DGCR integrates directly into your facebook page so you can share all your new reviews, scores, schedule or even played courses with your friends via your facebook news feed.