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Recent content by 3Throws of the Condor

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    Review by 3Throws of the Condor in course Independence Green DGC

    2.50 star(s) What will this become? Great piece of land (former ball golf course set in between apartment complex(es). Signage is decent (no marker for hole 3) Uncrowded Great place to play safari and work on your game until it gets crowded. Like the flags on the baskets this course is fairly open so...
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    Review by 3Throws of the Condor in course Sharp Springs Park

    4.50 star(s) One of TN's bests Great variety of holes long/short left/right uphill/downhill open/dense woods. A bad shot at any time can cost you your par with few exceptions. Multiple basket locations ( all have 2 except #6 and quite a few have 3) but single tee pads (which I prefer). Each different...
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    Review by 3Throws of the Condor in course Cane Ridge - Short Course

    4.00 star(s) Cane Ridge Mini-Me The short course is basically the advanced course with the distance halved. Tight fairways, lots of elevation, some water and lots of underbrush. People who equate a course's quality to its distance probably will not rate this course high. Because of its shortness there are...
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    Review by 3Throws of the Condor in course Triangle Sports Area

    3.00 star(s) Up and Down Elevation was the big plus here. This course will give you a great work out. Trying to calculate how to throw the hills up or down makes for a very challenging round. It was windy when I played which made it even more interesting. I was in the area for a wedding and only had...
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    Review by 3Throws of the Condor in course Nims Park

    3.00 star(s) Most miss the point of this course Ball golfers might remember that most metro areas had "pitch + putt" courses that you played with a wedge a putter and the long hole might require a 7 iron if you had no distance in your shots. That is what this is. So when judging it judge it for the short...