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Crosslake Community Center Crosslake, MN


Well maintained, good mix of hole layouts


Older baskets, no signage, plays next to baseball field

Other Thoughts:

Decent course, needs some updating such as signage- no signage even indicating there's a course there, map available in the community center but no signage on the course itself
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The Point Holland, MI


The Point is a BRAND new 18-hole course in Holland, MI. How new? It isn't even on UDisc yet as of this writing!

The course plays its way generally counterclockwise around the property of an absolutely enormous church. This one plays more on the open side, which is unusual for the area. There is one hole that I would call tightly wooded, and several others where there are a few large trees between the tee and basket, partially wooded approaches, etc.

The course plays at a good level of challenge for recreational players. Some longer distances help to make up for the lack of obstacles on some holes. There are three holes over 365' on this par 54 course, with #2's 413' being the longest. On the other end of the spectrum are three holes under 200'.

Many holes have rolling to moderate elevation changes. The highlight here is hole 6, a 285' downhill throw from an open hilltop next to a large statue of Jesus. It's a big enough downhill here that you'll probably want to throw a midrange or putter. Your disc will have to clear some foliage further down the hill if you want a look at birdie.

The baskets are blue Prodigy models. An arrow clipped in the bottom of each basket points towards the next tee. The tee pads are freshly poured concrete.


I had a couple of safety concerns. The top of my list was hole 15, which plays near a busy high-speed road. Other holes play near/across the church drive, parking lot, and mountain biking trails.

There are quite a few holes that just play through open fields with zero obstacles between the tee and basket. The grass in those same fields is also pretty thick - and I say that visiting in mid-May. In another few weeks it could be pretty easy to lose discs in there. Adding to the problem was that some of the fairways through this area are not wide enough yet IMO. #3 in particular stood out to me as needing more widening, to at least the fairway width that #4 has. My disc landed just a bit off the fairway and it took me several minutes to find it. The ground is also pretty uneven in these fields, although I'm sure it will smooth out a bit as the course is beaten in. Until then, step carefully.

This course is still missing extras like a practice basket, porta potty, trash cans, and benches. There is a nice kiosk near hole 1's tee, but it doesn't have a course map on it yet (use the one uploaded here if needed). The tee signs aren't in yet, but their wood posts are so those are likely coming very soon.

There is tons of road noise from the adjacent I-196.

Other Thoughts:

I don't normally play courses THIS new. For courses in my local area I like to wait a few months until things are dialed in a bit. I only came to check this one out right away because for the second time in 10 days, I found a course that wasn't on UDisc yet. I was thus very surprised, as courses seem to often get listed there well before they are even finished.

I gave this one a 2.5 for now. It has potential to be a 3.0 once things are dialed in. Or maybe a 3.5 if #15 also gets moved away from the road. I will probably return later this year to see how it has settled in. My "Point" is, this one is definitely a welcome addition to the Holland area!
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Kenwood Heritage Park - Beachside Cadillac, MI


"Beachside" is the secondary course at Kenwood Heritage Park in Cadillac, MI. It plays directly on Lake Cadillac, which makes for some nice views. Nine holes are jammed into a smallish area between a 25mph road and the water.

This section of the park is dotted with old growth trees. The baskets and tees are placed to create the need for shot shaping around the tree trunks. The lake is on the right side of hole 4, but pretty easy to avoid unless you get an unfortunate tree kick. Barring that, you won't lose a disc here. With distances ranging from 120' up to 291', it's a decent challenge for beginners and casual rec players.

The baskets are Chainstars in fine shape.

There are restroom facilities (open seasonally), along with a couple of trash cans and benches near the course.


Yikes, this one is unsafe. There's a walking/bicycling path running through the center of the course, parallel to the road. This walking path is in play on several holes. The sandy public beach and the road are each in play on one hole. One hole plays blind around a building. Some of the holes are quite close to each other. On a nice summer day, this park is probably crawling with beachgoers and that would make this course almost unplayable.

The tee pads are horrible. They are natural with a wooden kick plate. They were all very uneven, and some even had exposed roots within what I'll loosely call the tee box.

The signage is poor. Some tee signs have just the hole number, distance, and par on a wooden post. Others have just the hole number. There is no navigational signage to speak of. The course generally flows in a counterclockwise loop, but with multiple tee pads and baskets visible at all times it can still get confusing. A course map on a kiosk would help with this, but the only other disc golf signage is a wooden course sign near hole 1's tee reading "KENWOOD BEACH DISC GOLF COURSE - NINE HOLES".

There is only rec-level challenge here. And no holes stand out as memorable - even the one next to the water. The course is flat with very little variety.

Other Thoughts:

As mentioned, there's another course on site which looks to be the "main" one here. I ran out of daylight and will have to return to play that one. I can only hope (and expect) that it's better than this one. If the signage and tee pads were better I might have given this one a 1.0 - it does provide an enjoyable quick round if there is no one else around. But on the other hand, maybe this area of the park should have just been left to beachgoers.
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Veterans Park Charlotte, NC


-Nice little track in the middle of the downtown Charlotte area. Area with some cafés, ice cream parlors, and a wide variety of department stores. This is perfect for a downtown area since it is beginner friendly and has some fun shots up and down hills. Good potential to grab an ace, since none of the holes are longer than 210'. Elevation hits the 20' mark on four holes and two of those four exceed 25', which isn't entirely expected for such a short course.

-For such limited space (we are talking maybe five acres), the variety of short holes is quite solid. #3 is the best hole. You tee off next to the tennis courts of an elevated terrace down to a lower shelf. #8 and #9 give some taste of the woods. I like how the course starts off very open with few obstacles and the last two wooded holes give little to no room for error. You could throw wide hyzers and anhyzers without repercussion until you play the last two, since there's little to no rough. Birdies on #8 and #9 will give you satisfaction for throwing cleanly off the tee.

-In its own space. Has its own little section. Does not interfere with the ball fields or walking tracks. Less concern for pedestrians or interference of any sort.

-Nice tee signs with hole info, hole #, and hole diagrams. Nice red dynamic veteran pins.

-Doesn't take long to play. You could probably play two rounds in under in hour at a slow pace.


-North Carolina is known for it, Charlotte is well known for it. Lots of kudzu on the side. You'll see a lot of it on the right side of #7. There's less of it on #8, but it's tougher to avoid it on #8 since there is the possibly of kicking to the right side off of a tree. The holly bushes on #9 on the left can be pretty unpleasant.

-If you are looking for some of that Queen City style challenge, you won't see it here. Kilborne, Eastway, and Nevin are all within 10 miles and are all fine contributors to what made Charlotte the disc golf mecca. This is a pitch and putt. Most players won't need anything but a few putters.

-Limited activity for family. Not much to do if you aren't a disc golfer or tennis player.

Other Thoughts:

-It's a nice beginner nine hole course with some big elevation changes considering the short length. As much as I enjoy Charlotte golf, I'd love a stretched out 18 hole course like this one in Charlotte. One that's primarily open and hilly (with holes a lot longer).
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Eastview Park North Vancouver, BC


Quite little practice course on the north shore.

2024 update.
City of North vancouver has committed to redesign the course maximizing the area and making it a new 9 basket layout.


2 problematic Neighbors.

Other Thoughts:

Lots to do here. Putting approach shots, safari layouts.
Check out north shore disc golf club on Facebook or nsdg.ca
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Fairway to Heaven - Pines Pentwater, MI


Fairway to Heaven - Pines is the even newer second course to go along with the new Fairway to Heaven - Main course. Both of these courses are located at the Lake Michigan Camp and Retreat near Pentwater, MI. The courses play in different areas of the campground.

This Pines course currently has nine holes. The holes have players navigating very tight wooded fairways. I thought all of the lines were fair, in part because the distances here are quite short (six of them hover around the 150' range). The name of the game here is precision - hitting lines with controlled midrange/putter throws will get you many birdies and maybe even that elusive ace. The woods are thick enough that if you hit an early tree, there is hope of a recovery throw - but you might need even more precision for that. There aren't any extreme elevation changes here like the main course has, but some small slopes are incorporated well.

The baskets are the same red Chainstar Pros as the main course has. The tee pads are small wooden decks embedded into the ground. These decks are well-made and I honestly thought they were fine for this course. The tee signs are simple yard-style ones, showing the hole number and distance. There are navigational signs at a couple of slightly longer transitions.

The parking area has a kiosk with a map of this course (and the main course) and all the other info you need. There are some picnic tables, a porta potty, and a trash can here as well. The kiosk also mentions a welcome center further into the campground, where snacks and full restrooms are apparently available (I didn't check this out).


This course lacks any memorable holes, slightly open to open holes, or even just longer holes. Every distance is under 200' except for #4 (221') and #9 (306'). Players who prefer more challenge, and particularly the distance form of challenge, will be bored. The variety overall is pretty lacking.

It would be nice if the tee signs here had a rough line and elevation profile like the main course ones do. Since the baskets are mostly visible from the tee, not a huge deal - but I could have used a line to confirm my chosen flight path on #9.

The practice area is next to hole 2 of the main course - not the most convenient. Since you could argue that most players who care about that would consider this entire course as practice, this Con is a very weak one.

Other Thoughts:

This course costs $3/person/day to play (payable in a cash drop box at the kiosk). Your fee covers both this course and the main one on site. Also, if your group has 4+ people the whole group is $10/day. The course is open seasonally from April until "first snow". In the shoulder season, you may want to check other places like Facebook, etc. to confirm course availability.

Per the course Facebook page, the plan is for this one to eventually expand to 18 holes (so there will be two 18-hole courses on site).

This one was a nice surprise. I did not know that it existed before I arrived on site to check out the main course. I think it must be brand new. I mean, it's not even on UDisc yet.

Anyway, there's nothing special here but it's a really nice complement to the main course. This course makes disc golf at the camp overall more approachable for beginners and families. It's also a great way for better players to warm up with some approaches and putts before playing the main course (since the main course is also quite technical and wooded). It kind of reminded me of The Tinderbox nearby - another course with tight, short holes on a campground. This course has less elevation change than Tinderbox and only nine holes, but otherwise is similar in a lot of ways. If you're coming to play the main course, play this one while you're at it!
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The Fair View RV Resort Philadelphia, MS


Nice baskets. Property seems well maintained. Multiple tees. Navigation and flow are good. Scenic course. Person in charge was nice. Came out to talk to me


Only 9 holes. No signs. Dirt tees. Number 8 tee pad was pulled out of ground and facing wrong direction. Had to guesstimate where to tee from

Other Thoughts:

This was a fairly easy and quick play. Mostly open with a couple wooded. Mostly short with 1 par 4. Easy to play solo in 25-30 minutes. I had fun but nothing really special. After 2 you backtrack up the hill just a bit to get to #3. Best hole was #2. Downhill shot with water in play left of basket. Tall grass in front with a cut out at the hole.
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Middle River DGC Fayetteville, NC


When you have a 12-hole course that has lots of holes that play the same, do you really need 12 holes?
The first three holes are relatively straightforward. Sadly, these holes are three of the holes that standout. If you like trees on the course, soak up these as you won't see another in play.
Hole #9 throws over a small ravine (retention pond?). That offers a look unlike anything else on the course.
Hole #10 starts in the open (as they all do), throwing to a basket just beyond a billboard. You're either throwing around, or under the billboard to get to the basket. An interesting layout, for sure.
There is construction going on in the field, causing some holes to be relocated. For the other holes, tees are marked with white posts.
The backdrop of highway creates an interesting vibe. It created a natural white noise for me.
Baskets were in good enough shape.


There's construction starting for a new building in the field (as of December '23) that's caused some tees and/or baskets to be relocated. As such, the online map isn't accurate as you're having to guesstimate where the tees are supposed to be.
One of the benefits of this redesign may be the reduction in number of holes. Holes #1, 4 – 8 and 12 are all wide-open with zero obstacles. A whole lot of 300 – 325-foot shots.
With the new construction, maybe it will also create some new challenges, or at least, more variety.
It really is an overly simplistic layout. It's a surprising theme of Fayetteville area courses and their sense of redundancy.
For more experienced players, they'll have a field day due to the course's simplicity. Or they'll get maddeningly frustrated with its lack of…everything.

Other Thoughts:

It's nice seeing a church put in a course. I'll give them credit that they tried. But…..
Holes also lack variety in their lengths. Distances ranged from 249 to 362 feet, with three holes between 249 – 252 feet, three between 333 – 362 feet, and six between 279 and 314 feet. Also, the course has zero elevation.
Course would be good for practice. Lots of open space to unleash drives.
By hole #5, I was losing interest. Playing #9 & 10 at least the last 10 minutes worthwhile.
This is a one-and-done for me. Sadly, that's a theme for a lot of Fayetteville area courses.
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Myakkahatchee Creek Greenway DGC North Port, FL


(2.171 Rating)A tropical looking niner with several design flaws.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - I played 6 Florida courses on this road trip and I thought the natural environment here was the most exotic to walk along. Fairway after fairway is lined with tropical looking vegetation. Lots of Spanish Moss covered live oaks with palmettos underneath. The fairways were well maintained from my appearance with newly spread-out mulch everywhere. If I excluded course beauty from my formula, I'd rate the course more than a quarter point lower. I liked the zen aspect the course was dishing out as I cautiously and miraculously missed the constant perils off fairway all but once.
- BASICS - Nice accurate course map posted near tee (1). The tee signs are well done too showing an artistic aerial view of the hole shape along with obstacles. Tees are rubber pads on top of crushed shells and limestone. The baskets were a model I was unfamiliar with. They caught well, but I wasn't a fan of the silver color.
- HOLE VARIETY - I like multi-play holes, and this course has a bunch of those. The thought process here on how to keep my discs on a 500-foot long hole intrigued me. Sure the design was wack on a few of them, but trying to avoid the near certain disc death kept me entertained. There are five par 4s and two par 5s here. A par 36. I think this is the first time I've played a niner with that high of par figure, excluding those niners with obsolete par listings. The course is mostly flat but with some light sloping inclines and declines. There are a couple slight turns, gaps to thread and some mischief. The gameplay here was just not something I experience very often for niners.
- CHALLENGE - As an MA2, I finished at even par 36. Much of the challenge here is the fear of losing a disc. MA1s should be able to post 5 or 6 down on occasion, but they'll be losing plastic with any sustained gunslinging approach. MA4s with an erratic aim will likely hate the course.


The palmettos will eat yah.
- DESIGN AND LAYOUT - I really liked the first two holes. Hole (3) is where things got weird. The line on (3) is fine, but there is a marshy 8 foot down ditch with no bridge in front of the pad. Thus players need to make their way back to the street to circle around the ditch. Thankfully I made the center of the fairway on (3), but I imagine that the attitude would be much different for the players that spray it into the palmettos and then can't remember the precise spot the disc headed to. I liked (4), even though the pad was not aligned very well. Hole (5) is super weird. First off, just like on (3), players need to hike around to even get to the pad. Once on (5), the only plausible line requires throwing down the middle of fairway (6). The second shot then has to cross the jungle like median between the two holes to get back on (5s) fairway, all while trying to avoid the swamp that flanks the left side. Good luck. Hole (6) has issues with tee shots from (5) likely using the fairway. Getting to (7) require walking around again and the tee aims directly at a pair of cabbage palms. The last two didn't bother me despite the higher than normal plinko factor. They both had 8-foot wide gaps in the pines. I took off significant score for the flaws, almost a ½ point, but I'm not going drop the rating to be equivalent to a 9-hole open field course. I'd much rather throw here again over a short elementary niner.
- FORGIVENESS - The disc loss potential is very high. Players need to be very cautious and bring their favorite lucky charm. Punishment is awaiting for just about every disc that doesn't land on the fairway. Laughing palmettos will backstab and slice players looking for discs. There is also swamp water present on a few holes where I'm sure alligators could be present. Players would be wise to not bring their ace discs here. This is not the course to bring beginners and mammas boys to.
- PARKING - The parking area is across the street. Not a deal breaker, but not ideal obviously.
- TIME PLAY - I logged a 45 minute round. Amongst the longest niner times I've ever posted during a solo round. This does not include the 5-minute walk to the course and the 5-minute walk back to my car.

Other Thoughts:

I liked the course and didn't like it. I'm a sucker for beauty and multi-play holes, and thus I liked the course for those elements. On the flipside, the disc loss potential and hole design kept me from loving it or even liking it as a whole. The course would benefit by adding short tees, bridges, fixing the line on (5), and removing a couple key trees on the tighter holes. As is, a 2.0 level course to me when weighing all the pros and cons. It reminded me of both nearby Ann Dever and nearby Franz Ross. Although I've rated Myakkahatchee around the same as those two, this one was without a doubt the most beautiful of the three to walk.
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Faylor Lake DiscGolfPark Beaver Springs, PA


750 acres of trees, grass, sun, and water to throw your discs up and down and over this (generous) slice of the country.

This is fantastic course that's an absolute blast to play from shot to shot with an amazing flow that teases, tempts, and shocks you as it winds through the country, would be a pleasure to stroll through even if you're not playing a round. Includes two stunning top-of-the-world shots with gorgeous views.

The elevation will get the obvious plaudits, but I think the greens deserve just as much praise, with hole 5's slope into the rushing river, hole 6's C1 guardian trees, and hole 12 and 14's treacherous but stunning reveals deserving particular shoutouts.

There are absolutely no "stock-shot" holes on this course, as every throw seems to require a little extra something to keep in mind as you attempt to get the disc exactly where you want it to be. Even the big distance drives require significant thought to navigate OB, water, and shifting winds. When the wind is up this course becomes a real behemoth, and it's never not a factor.

Two pads and two baskets per hole for four layouts ranging from 11,000' to 4,200' in length. The Golds come in at a par 67 with 9 par 4's.

Free public, county-maintained course that's pretty much always in pristine condition with plenty of serious infrastructure.

Despite (because of?) the elevation, it's such fun to play from hole to hole. There are some longer treks but they are always rewarded and the course seems to flatten out and let up just when you need it. Distance is definitely demanded from the golds/blues, but there's plenty of technicality required as well.

There are so many holes to rave about here that will absolutely keep you up at night.
Some of my favorites:
Hole 2 feels easy at a 530' par 4 but the uneven footing and layers of trees approaching the basket will always challenge your approach.
Hole 4, par 4, 670', hit a tight gap and get your disc moving left to right and then throw something that stays low to beat several sets of trees and skip up to the green. Or try to take the Simon line over the top and crash into the basket.
Hole 7, par 4, 555', throw over water to land in a specific spot on the island that allows you to then penetrate through the gap and hopefully skip through the guardian trees under the basket.
Hole 16, par 5, 885', throw it real long and real straight to try to get the birdie but hope you don't kick into the awful rough on the left, or try to get a hyzer out to the left a couple of times which will minimize the damage but really only allow you a chance at par. Watch out for water long of the basket.

Holes 6, 8, 15, and 18 are wide open throws down into a large quarry that has since been partially filled with water. OB threatens and the wind can be ferocious. They're very fun to throw and very challenging, though in my opinion the drives on 6 and 15 are amazing and pretty bleh on 8 and 18. Though the approach and green for 8, on a little peninsula, definitely makes up for the boring tee.


Bathrooms are still under construction, though there is a porta-potty.

There are trees to deal with on pretty much every hole but I wouldn't say any part of the course is particularly wooded per se.

While the big bomber holes are fun to throw, I'll confess that they can feel a little bit gimmicky.

Holes 8 and 18 feel a bit unfinished, basically through the disc far into a field and then contest with a very challenging set of trees on the second shot. Hole 18 now plays to a basket tucked behind the under-construction bathrooms, not nearly as romantic as the original basket perched on a tiny sliver of a peninsula surrounded by water. After 17 amazing holes, the course definitely ends with a snooze.

Tee signage is non-existent or inaccurate.

Holes 16 and 17 do not drain as well as you would like, be prepared for mud if there has been a rain.

Other Thoughts:

This course is so much fun to play, with a great flow, and I even find myself grateful for some of the long treks from hole to hole to catch my breath, admire the view, and feel some gratitude.

Play the Golds if you're up for it (or at least the whites to the gold baskets) where the course really shines. The short baskets are fine but not the same as you miss out on some of the tantalizing greens.

The course is about to transition from Discmania over to a Discraft / OTB sponsorship and Is suspect there's about another 15% of work that could stand to be done in the course design. I think it's pretty amazing what they've got going but there are places for slight improvement.

It's not conveniently located near anything or on the way to anywhere else, but find a way to get down here and play a few rounds.

This is an easy 5 star course for me, with, somehow, still room to grow, currently sitting smack in the middle of the ten courses I'd give 5 stars to:

Harmony Bends
Harmon Hills
Maple Hill
Lake Marshall Lion
Faylor Lake
Renaissance Gold
501 Disc Golf
Hawk Hollow
Lake Marshall Lair
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