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Recent content by adamtheviking5

  1. adamtheviking5

    Review by adamtheviking5 in course Meadowbrook DGC

    0.50 star(s) Not a disc golf course There are a handful of baskets scattered around this park. There are no tee pads or any navigational aids so your just launching disc's across an open field. Unless you live within walking distance, don't come here.
  2. adamtheviking5

    Glow in Sacramento area?

    Hi I live in elk Grove CA and I'm dying to play some glow golf again. I used to play at Ford park in Redlands when I lived in socal and since I moved back up north, something is missing. Does anybody know of or have any interest in starting some glow golf in the Sacramento area? I would be...
  3. adamtheviking5

    Ethics of trimming trees?

    Now, Im an outlaw, not by choice but an outlaw none the less and all this talk about asking someone else for permission to cut a branch seems ridiculous to me. My contention is that nobody can own the earth or have authority over other human beings. What makes some park idiot better at making...
  4. adamtheviking5

    Night golf in the sacramento area

    Im just looking for some people to play night golf with now that it gets dark so early.. When I lived down south we had Wednesday night glow dubs and it was the most fun ive ever had playing disc golf. Anybody down? Is there already a league that does this? And on another note, how did...
  5. adamtheviking5

    Review by adamtheviking5 in course McClatchy Park

    1.50 star(s) Crappy course. Crappy neighborhood There are 9 tee pads and 9 baskets. In the ghetto. Very short course. You can bring a putter in a buzz but you would never need the buzz. Elk Grove is my own course and I thought it was the worst one around but it turns out I was wrong. Don't come here unless...
  6. adamtheviking5

    Review by adamtheviking5 in course Golden Gate Park DGC

    3.00 star(s) Meh.... The course us well maintained. Folks are mostly friendly. Good quality baskets. Some variety of shots. Overall a pretty good disc golf experience. Unless you live near by, this course is very inconvenient to travel to or park at. Not a whole lot of shot variety because of the lack of...
  7. adamtheviking5

    Tournament Ace Conflict

    I think that once an ace is hit, the pot is paid in full (even if no actual cash changes hands at that moment because the money is in someone's car or whatever) and then the pot is reset. Why else would there be a cap?
  8. adamtheviking5

    Members Who Have Played 100 Courses!

    I cant find myself on the list. Even when I search based on names. The list starts with Alex-something. Where am I?
  9. adamtheviking5

    [Question] What is this disc worth (Part IV)?

    2005 star teebird with socal stamp I have a white star teebird with a purple 2005 socal disc golf championships stamp with a little storage wear and it looks like its been thrown 10 times. No rim damage and almost no ink. It says brig real small right in the center of the bottom of the flight...
  10. adamtheviking5

    disc golf on the simpsons

    Hey I'm watching the Simpsons and they're having a town hall meeting about what sport the kids should play now that pee wee football has been deemed too dangerous and the rich Texan yells out "Frisbee golf". That's it. I see references to DG all the time and I always wanna post about em but this...
  11. adamtheviking5

    Closest snow golf to sacramento area?

    my post says it was posted at like 12:20 but its only 9:45 right now. Whaaa??
  12. adamtheviking5

    Closest snow golf to sacramento area?

    Hey my buddy just hit me up and wants to try snow golf tomorrow. Were in elk grove which is just south of sacramento. Anyone know where the closest place we could find a course and some snow occupying the same space?
  13. adamtheviking5

    Help finding leagues

    Hey ford park on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. In winter time just Wednesday. Its random glow dubs for 2 bucks and there's a cool bunch that play.
  14. adamtheviking5

    Rounds with disc golf legends?

    Jim Oates runs the pro shop at my local course. I didn't know who he was when I first started playing and he was kinda a dick the first few times I asked him questions about discs and whatever. Never played with him though. Also I ran into Steve Rico at the course in sylmar, before I knew who...
  15. adamtheviking5

    Sacramento Area, North to NW or NE

    I'm down for these kind of trips. Letvme know when your going and I'll ride along.