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  1. Hole #8 Tee

    Hole #8 Tee

  2. aggiegreg

    Review by aggiegreg in course Greenbelt Park

    3.50 star(s) Good for what it is Green Belt does the best it can with what it has. The "river" is used the best it can be. Most shots are either going over it or near it. Brings a high risk/reward to most of your throws. Good mix of distance and elevation. Great tee signs that make navigation easy, even for...
  3. aggiegreg

    DFW disc golf

    it has been moved across the bridge and they moved the basket near the telephone pole
  4. aggiegreg

    DFW disc golf

    Not sure if you all heard or saw but the hole one shot over the river at Bear Creek has been moved. My guess would be that it is b/c of liability of people crossing the pipe.
  5. aggiegreg

    DFW disc golf

    How much do they carry?
  6. aggiegreg

    DFW disc golf

    I really liked Gateway West before so I bet now it will be even better. I am going to play it on sunday and I will post what it is playing like soon after. Really looking forward to it
  7. aggiegreg

    Can you carry discs on a plane?

    I did have a problem getting mine pass TSA. My brother and myself both got stopped and had our things searched because we had discs in our backpacks. Once they saw what they were we were all good but they did have to pull us aside because I guess they look weird on the x-ray
  8. aggiegreg

    DFW disc golf

    There are no restrooms at north park. Also with all the recent rains the course will be wet for a long time. The large amount of trees does not help with the course drying out. Also the grass seems to never be mowed there
  9. aggiegreg

    2012 Birdie-or-Bust at Bear Creek - Mar. 17 - Grapevine, TX

    baskets just moved to all long positions
  10. aggiegreg

    DFW disc golf

    did anyone hear about this new 18 hole course http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/02/20/3748147/unt-students-build-disc-golf-course.html
  11. aggiegreg

    Review by aggiegreg in course Bear Creek

    3.50 star(s) Has a little bit of everything -Has a little bit of everying --a couple of my favorite shots are over rivers -two great place to tee off from on each hole -paths well built -good traffic on the course -friendly disc golfers on course to help when you get a little lost -cool looking abandoned car...
  12. aggiegreg

    Review by aggiegreg in course Oaks Park

    2.50 star(s) Great For Beginners -Great course for beginners -has bathrooms and water fountains -tee pads and signs -drainage ditch comes into play -almost every hole is an ace run -9 holes -very easy -couple par 4s need to be changed Great course for beginner or if you want to get in a quick round. Not...
  13. aggiegreg

    Review by aggiegreg in course North Park

    3.00 star(s) Construction DONE!!! -multiple turain --Up and downhill shots --Wooded and open field shots -brand new tee pads --most holes have two tee pads -signs marking what holes you are at -nice bridges -extremely easy to get lost in pile of baskets -when it rains it is extremely muddy -bridges are not...
  14. aggiegreg

    Review by aggiegreg in course Research Park - Old Layout

    3.50 star(s) Best Course in College Station Great 18 hole course which has some water hazards that could come into play depending on if you are throwing from the pro tee's or not. Great course to go out and play especially if you are student and have 90 minutes to kill. Great course for night disc due to...
  15. aggiegreg

    DFW disc golf

    controlled burns planned for cedar hill... Just thought the dallas dgers might want to know http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/news/Controlled-Burn-Planned-Today-for-Cedar-Hill-State-Park-022112