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Recent content by alcstradamus

  1. alcstradamus

    Review by alcstradamus in course Pinecrest Park

    2.00 star(s) Not fun Fairways are well shaped and different types of shots are needed AWFUL long grass surrounding very tight fairways. These things eat discs like candy and if you are playing by yourself it is nothing more than frustration all round hunting for discs that barely missed the fairway A very...
  2. alcstradamus

    Cpt America's shield flippy or what

    I had one of the Captain America shields for halloween last year. I threw it and it was incredibly understable, instant roller. But I was able to hyzer flip it on a 25 ft. lazer right at a tree. Couldn't handle any more power than that. Yes, I was drunk and probably should have been embarassed.
  3. alcstradamus

    "Disc Golf As Exercise" thread, with actual data

    Wow, another Jesse Spano dude posting in this thread. Yeah, there are certainly no legitimate reasons to take it other than scientifically proven effectiveness at burning fat and preserving lean body mass when on a caloric deficit. Not to mention, thousands of anecdotal testimonies (myself...
  4. alcstradamus

    "Disc Golf As Exercise" thread, with actual data

    Your response makes it seem like I was saying disc golf is "not" exercise. I was saying the opposite, I was saying it was beneficial exercise especially for the overweight, and I already noted that Bradley Park was an average course and that there are much more strenuous courses that would be...
  5. alcstradamus

    "Disc Golf As Exercise" thread, with actual data

    Um....no????? You really think caffeine is going to give you a heart attack? Really? Like you think that getting your heart rate in the 130s instead of the 110s is bad for it? Have you ever read ANY research on the benefits of caffeine for athletic performance, or for the benefits of caffeine...
  6. alcstradamus

    "Disc Golf As Exercise" thread, with actual data

    My calories burned were calculated using a heart rate monitor, as stated. Probably the most accurate at-home way to measure calorie expenditure. And no, BMR would not be subtracted from that, which would be a little over 60 calories. Nobody subtracts BMR when talking about calorie...
  7. alcstradamus

    "Disc Golf As Exercise" thread, with actual data

    I have seen and posted in threads in the past about whether disc golf is good exercise. It always seems that there are a few fitness buffs lurking around that scoff at the idea of it being a workout, and there are always a few overweight people who provide anecdotal evidence that it helped them...
  8. alcstradamus

    Do any pros putt with mvp putters?

    I don't think that top pros are interested in having their putts bounce off the center pole and out of the basket, just so they can look hip by carrying cool discs
  9. alcstradamus

    [Latitude] Latitude 64 Stilletto

    So based on your distance and height, your tomahawk probably would have ended up travelling somewhere between 350-375 ft. Bull****
  10. alcstradamus

    Introducing SD, Salient Discs

    Reading the Promethies description, these discs sound......weird. But intruiging for sure, I will definitely be curious to try them.
  11. alcstradamus

    [Latitude] Latitude 64 Stilletto

    Most definitely will have no use for this backhand, however it will be nice to be able to replace my Nuke OS as my Thumber disc. Always appreciate using Latitude/Westside plastic instead of anything else.
  12. alcstradamus

    Major Violation?

    Stuff like this is why my first tournament earlier this month will also most likely be my last tournament I ever play The disorganization and questionable assessment of the rules is too much for someone like me to enjoy.
  13. alcstradamus

    mcbeast signature bag

    Needs more wolves
  14. alcstradamus

    check out this sick disc golf vid

    My favorite part was the jittery shaking of the camera from the high angle. My second favorite part was the introduction of dramatic music and editing to film something completely unremarkable and ordinary. (it was really bad, sorry)