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    The Inevitable 2024 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    To the best of my knowledge, Sias still bags MVP. Also in MPO: Matt Dollar, Raven Newsom, Justin Bilodeau, Jeff Faes, Jordan Castro, and Dan Brooks-Wells. In FPO at the moment: Sarah Hokom, Madison Walker, Stacie Keifer, and Elaine King. The team is substantially bigger than that, mind, I'm...
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    Proposed rule changes for 2024

    Oh jeeez. I'm so used to the hatemongers on social media calling Natalie Ryan "Nate Ryan" it took a few seconds before I realized you meant Heinhold. WOW. Time for a second cup of coffee.
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    2023 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships

    Well....I can speak a little to that. The rounds with Juliana in Flagstaff were some of the most fun rounds of golf I've played in the past few years. Everyone laughed, congratulated each other on good shots, yelled approval at long putts or near throw-ins, and we had a big group hug after all...
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    2023 Pro World's - Will FPO Happen?

    At a guess? They expected: A) Natalie to vanish from FPO for Elite Series / Major events in the same manner Chloe did. B) If A did not occur and she decided to pursue legal action, she would be deterred by how complicated it is. C) If B did not deter her, she would be unable to afford legal...
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    Best way beginners can gain distance?

    There are a wealth of videos and tutorials online about perfecting your form. I want to stress, these are long term goals. It is not easy to quickly gain distance, despite what any video will tell you. If I'm ever giving lessons to new players, I usually say these are the things I wish I had...
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    [DGPT Silver] GRIPeq 41st Kansas City Wide Open presented by Dynamic Discs

    Kat Mertsch withdrew with E.Coli complications according to her social media. Best guess - since she is not playing, he's taking the time off to help her or to rest up himself.
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    DDO 2023

    Which highlights how difficult that shot actually is. I mean, it's very easy to say it's the top of the field, they need to be making or at least attempting to make the island. I really can't stress this enough. 320 feet onto a sloping green that isn't even a full C1 circumference in size...
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    DDO 2023

    At the risk of sounding obvious ... that is not an easy shot. Yes, there is the wall, but the wall implies you didn't short the drive, didn't release it early, didn't turn it over, that the disc won't hit vertically and roll, etc. The landing zone is ridiculously small from the tee area, and...
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    2023 Beaver State Fling

    I haven't watched the footage in question, but for those who were unaware. GG could have taken relief backwards with the line of play, if he was willing to take a 1-stroke penalty for doing so. Players always can take optional relief along the line of play with a 1-stroke penalty. You simply...
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    OTB Lawsuit Predictions

    Agreed, which is why the "We're ready to welcome her back," or however he phrased it, rang hollow.
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    OTB Lawsuit Predictions

    I have lost a great amount of respect for Jeff Spring. One cannot state "We are ready to welcome Natalie back," in one sentence, and then say "we disagree and are disappointed with the decision (that's she's back)" and have both of them carry weight and sincerity. Either you're welcoming her...
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    OTB Lawsuit Predictions

    Follow up - the DGPT and PDGA are appealing the TRO and trying to get a stay on it. It's possible any boycott or protest is on hold pending the result of that. Then again, could be that rumors of boycotts by the players were just rumors by people hoping they would do that rather than play...
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    OTB Lawsuit Predictions

    There were 47 players in FPO prior to yesterday's ruling, there are currently 48 listed on the event page including Natalie. I don't think Hokom was registered. Looking at the live scoring, there are 48 players. If they are planning on boycotting or dropping, it doesn't appear to have happened yet.
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    DGCR Aces 2023

    Hole 4 short - Bartlett Park with an R2 Spin during doubles league. Ace pot was unfortunately split with 2 other players who also aced at league tonight, but it was enough to pay for burgers after the round. <3
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    [Axiom] Rhythm

    one additional note: The Circuit Event Rhythms are significantly more understable than their stock release counterparts, enough so that I had to relearn how to throw it. If you throw one of them and then switch to the other, don't be surprised it you have to adjust. I would have called the...