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    Hole #1 Tee

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    Should we lower the rim width/speed regulations for distance drivers?

    From a post by Dave Dunipace on the PDGA forums back in 2008:
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    2019 Pros Switching Sponsors Official Thread
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    HOD 10/24/2018: Gower Park Hole 8 in Greenville, SC

    One of my local courses! I usually throw a Buzzz straight at it or hyzer flip a Comet. Throwing a shot out to the right and having it fade to the basket brings the front tree in play and can leave you with a long putt. You also have to worry about the tennis court fence if you throw to the...
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    Yeah I'm not up on my DG history, so it's good to hear that perspective. But in my mind a World title carries so much more weight than USDGC title. And when listening to commentary, World titles are the ones that are always brought up when talking about a player.
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    That makes sense. But as long one event is called the World Championship, no other event will be able to grow to the same level.
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    2017 MPO Worlds - Augusta

    It was just a month ago that Paul dominated the field in the Masters Cup. And was one throw away from winning the BSF. I wouldn't worry about him too much. If Paul dominates the European Open then we could easily say he's the best in the world again.
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    Yes. Counting Majors like in tennis or ball golf would be a better metric of greatness than counting World Championships.
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    But like other sports, the discs golf greats are measured by how many championships they've won, and the World Championship is the only tournament that factors into that.
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    It seems pretty arbitrary to me too. Crowning the world champ for the year needs to be determined by much more than how someone plays 4-7 rounds. Going strictly on some sort of tour points wouldn't be that exciting, so maybe points then a playoff like Nascar. But you would need a really...
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    2017 Worlds video thread

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    2017 MPO Worlds - Augusta

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    2017 MPO Worlds - Augusta