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Recent content by b_huber14

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    Review by b_huber14 in course Mt. Airy Forest

    4.50 star(s) Long, Hard, and Tons of Fun - Beautiful 18 hole course especially in fall - Great variety makes sure you have numerous shots not only available but also perfected - Incredibly challenging but also fair. In other words, if you hit your lines, you'll do great, but if you miss them, good luck with...
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    Review by b_huber14 in course Alexandria Park

    1.00 star(s) Disappointing and Unkempt - Located in a very nice local park - Hole 1 is pretty fun and unique, especially in the Cincinnati area - Hole 7 is definitely the coolest hole, being on top of an earthen dam - Baskets are pretty good overall - Course is difficult, but not for any good reason. The...
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    Review by b_huber14 in course Lincoln Ridge Park

    4.50 star(s) Fun and Challenging Gem of a Course - One of the coolest first holes around with a straight shot over the road and down a hill - Great variety of mixed shots throughout the course, from open bombs, to wooded tunnels, to fast downhill shots and even some great forehand holes - Great use of...
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    Review by b_huber14 in course Highland Hills Park

    2.00 star(s) Decent Easy Course for Locals - Easy course with few obstacles - Difficult (but still possible) to lose discs - Well kept up - Great concrete tees - Holes 5 and 9 are a step up in difficult and add a lot to the fairly bland course - Played by locals enough for it to be kept up but usually empty...