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  1. Bakenstine

    Review by Bakenstine in course Platt Park

    3.50 star(s) For what it is.... Par 5 to start, technical and blind Several Mando's that are reasonable and well marked Par 2?! if that's all the room you have, why not.. Ace runs are still fun golf Flow is obvious in almost all places, and not difficult when it isnt Sure, a full 18 is always better...
  2. Bakenstine

    Review by Bakenstine in course The Tracks @ McDonough

    4.00 star(s) Proto-review, check back once signage goes up Long distances, technical layout, great use of elevation and natural obstacles including multiple treehouse basket placements. 3 Practice baskets by parking lot. Well cleared and planned, serious challenge for big arms and rec players alike. Kinda...
  3. Bakenstine

    Review by Bakenstine in course Chattahoochee Pointe Park

    4.00 star(s) Gonna keep it short and sweet Beautiful scenery, well designed, nice bridges where needed over 'seasonal' criks. Good signage and next tee posts are abundant and useful. Lots of open holes but good use of the tree lines and natural ridges. Hole 2 has a cool little straw burm with a gully in...
  4. Hole #16 Tee

    Hole #16 Tee

  5. Hole #17 Tee

    Hole #17 Tee

  6. Hole #18 Tee

    Hole #18 Tee

  7. Hole #11 Tee

    Hole #11 Tee

  8. Hole #12 Tee

    Hole #12 Tee

  9. Hole #14 Tee

    Hole #14 Tee

  10. Hole #15 Tee

    Hole #15 Tee

  11. Hole #10 Tee

    Hole #10 Tee

  12. Hole #6 Tee

    Hole #6 Tee

  13. Hole #7 Tee

    Hole #7 Tee

  14. Hole #8 Tee

    Hole #8 Tee

  15. Hole #1 Tee

    Hole #1 Tee