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Recent content by BeRReGoN

  1. BeRReGoN

    Parcours Ile Charron (PIC) discussion

    The course is closed permanently since November 2023. The water treatment of the city of Longueuil is extending so they decided it was not possible to keep the course there.
  2. BeRReGoN

    [Other] Clash Discs

    Anyone tried the putter Candy? On some site they say it's a narrower profile than the pop corn but the total height is 2.3cm vs 1.90 for the pop corn.
  3. BeRReGoN

    USWDGC 2023

    I don't know for Blomroos but for Tattar, it's the right pronunciation.
  4. BeRReGoN

    What's after plastic?

    I'll start a company called soylent green discs
  5. BeRReGoN

    [Other] The Daredevil Thread

    Just tried a Moose today and it's indeed quite straight with a nice slow fade finish. I started trying soft and very soft discs recently (elevation discs) so I remembered that Daredevil make some in soft rubber like material (Woodchuck, Walrus, ...) and soft plastic one called Flex Performance...
  6. BeRReGoN

    Rochester — Jim Palmeri's 50th AFDO

    Nice to see Martin Hendel doing good, at Ettyville I was playing the same tees he did but we are not playing the same game. :P
  7. BeRReGoN

    A close shave

    I hope James Conrad win the championship just for the irony.
  8. BeRReGoN

    Understable midrange for nice little turnover shots?

    I was getting early release sometimes with my Opto Fuse, I tried a VIP Tursas recently and I like it. They fly basically the same but I think I prefer the shape of the Tursas.
  9. BeRReGoN

    Post Your Disc Golf Injury Pics :thmbup:

    No pics, but I cut my fingernails the night before a tournament, now my fingertips are painful... I don't like to compare suffering but you know...
  10. BeRReGoN

    [Other] Clash Discs

    I didn't give my update on the Popcorn in hardy plastic. I tried it last winter in a putting league and it was good but not my favorite putter and plastic, even if for a hard plastic it's quite gripy. I tried a lot of putters at the league with good results but indoor putting and outdoor putting...
  11. BeRReGoN

    Why look away when someone is putting?

    I know that it's ok to do it with consent but it was the first time I noticed a player doing it so often. Not that he was interfering with another player ready to putt, just the I'll tap out quickly while you're getting ready so I'm done with that hole.
  12. BeRReGoN

    Why look away when someone is putting?

    I watched the 2023 Master Cup and Gannon Burh was always taping out out of order kind of like to get out of the way or something while another player was getting ready for their putt. It's not a complain and I'm sure others were fine with it but it just became obvious that I noticed it.
  13. BeRReGoN

    Small local C-tier, which division?

    You never have to mark your lie with a mini when inbound, I don't use one in the fairway unless I want to throw the same disc again, but if you have to establish your lie from O.B. you'll need a mini, you can't use a disc to do so. Also there's always situation in the rough that sometimes it's...
  14. BeRReGoN

    [Other] Clash Discs

    I don't play in winter, I don't mind the cold but playing in the snow is not fun but there is putting leagues and I always like to try different putters. I just bought 3 popcorn hardy to test, I'll see how they compare and how the plastic feels. So far at the league I've putted with Electron...