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Recent content by Bgso

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    Review by Bgso in course Camden Park - II

    5.00 star(s) The best that only gets better I have played CII twice so far, the first was for the rumble in April. The course is in the "Meat Grinder" layout. All long pins. What a challenge! Par 3s, 4s, and 5s all over the course! A lot of tough decisions to be made with regards to risk/reward and at the...
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    DGPT Sold to Todd Rainwater

    My understanding, and don’t make me explain why/how, is that Rainwater was already a major investor. He is the face of a few of the old investors that reinvested into the tour under the mandate that Dodge be ousted. I personally think it is a reasonable play, the Pro Tours association with...
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    [Selling] Fair selection of discs, collectors, throwers, old school plastic.

    Discraft TI Punisher Grey 173-174 9/140 Field tested N AM Nats 12 Innova Star Mako 3 Yellow 180 10/10 N Penned *MK3 15 Innova Champ Roc 3 Dayglow 180 10/10 N Penned R3 15 Innova Champ Rhyno Orange 175 7/10 Inside Rim Penned 8 Innova Champ Leopard 3 Green 175 10/10 N Penned L3 15 Innova Rwood...
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    [Selling] Fair selection of discs, collectors, throwers, old school plastic.

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17Fph27LXaVTOwbQnA6lHumk9-z5YshXsh-ANTW8Q_ag/edit#gid=0 https://imgur.com/gallery/LuBNWJs?fbclid=IwAR0LE8Zj77jBi-00JxerQZXgCoUqQ5u0EltT8saUUb_55sQNcHKJA6RjTGE
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    Paul and Hannah McBeth's Tour Vlog

    I’m hoping that we are starting to see a shift in content from shot by shot to more “YouTube star/vlog” type content.. I know that I am prioritizing Johnny Football, Hannah, eagle, and the prodigy series over shot by shot as of late.
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    DGA Mach 7

    For a large 9 or 18 hole install they are considerable cheaper than a mach X. They come with DGAs warranty which kicks Innova's ass. They are also NOT a Mach 3, mach 5, or chainstar. A local private course was at odds amongst the active members with regards to Mach Xs being installed. A few...
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    The Rumble 2019 presented by Discraft and Clint's Draft House

    MA1 played one round from the longs and one from the shorts. The round from the longs didn't use long 5 and 12 because of concerns from the PDGA regarding looking for discs in the long grass.
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    HOD 4/4/2019: Hornets Nest Park Hole 6 in Charlotte, NC

    Got it in both rounds at worlds with a lucid getaway and circles edge putt. HAVE TO make sure you don't go OB in the road!
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    The Upshot: Steve Dodge, Texas States, Daniel Boe [Pres. by Pound Disc Golf]

    That's probably why steve commonly references "Viewer watch time" when he recites growth and viewer metrics.
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    Jomez Productions

    They are both getting in front of plenty of eye balls. DGPT's audience is growing as a very similar clip to Jomez suggesting they could even overtake them in subs within the next few years. Over the past 30 days the DGPT has 1/2 of the video views with 1/3 of the subscribers. They have added...
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    A professional disc golf tour run by professional disc golfers.

    This is the perspective that I wager 98% of the "Erremhgod you took my Jomez away from me" crowd is missing.
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    The UpShot Ultiworld Podcast - 3/20/19

    Mcbeth confirmed what I had heard from a few Discraft pros and them having sold a million in discs. I think they made way more than 20k each of the mcbeth discs. Even more than 20k of the kongs and lunas to come.
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    DGPT: 2019 Memorial Championship

    We checked last night and the DGPT R1 MPO videos combined for 77k views Jomez LVC R1 combined for 185k. It has had an extra week for viewers. CCDG LVC R1 combined for 104k views on 67k subscribers. It has had an extra week for viewers Seems like a pretty respectable number relative to their...
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    Pro Tour Live Coverage

    Apparently YouTube was having concurrent issues during the FPO coverage. If the MPO coverage is good then everyone will forget this.
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    Review by Bgso in course Avery Preserve DiscGolfPark

    3.00 star(s) Old course given new life NOTE: At the time of writing this review the course still needs tee signs, a green or two isn't cleared, and the teepads have not had sand worked into them. Please keep that in mind while reading the review. I will update the review when these things are completed...