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    Where are you going in 2024?

    You can play the new Shaver park next time you are in Cedar Rapids. Blows the other courses in that city away.
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    HOD 12/8/2023: Roane County Park DGC Hole #15 Harriman, TN

    Looks like it finishes slightly downhill. I'll huck my Buzzz on slight turnover down the left gap.
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    The Inevitable 2024 Pros Switching Sponsors Thread

    Innova might be a good fit for Kramer. I remember him flicking a Valkyrie on gorgeous turnover lines the year he shredded at the European Open. I believe he was using Bosses as well.
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    HOD 12/7/2023: Hässleholm DiscGolfPark Hole #8 Hässleholm, Sweeden

    This looks real fun. I'll go with rhbh hyzer thru right gap with my *DS. Hopefully I get far enough that I can reach green with a forehand, since I'll likely be stretching out from jail.
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    Most embarrassing disc golf moment

    It was a tricky par 5 with a severely sloped green and was one of the first few holes of the tournament. I had a par putt pin high about 35 feet out. I bounced on the top of the rim, then slowly rolled down the hill into the OB street. I thought I was pretty clever when I chose to putt from the...
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    HOD 12/5/2023: Northwest River Park DGC Hole #9 Chesapeake, VA

    prob a wobbly azzz flex forehand down the left side.
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    HOD 12/1/2023: White Spruce Park Hole #8 Brampton, ON

    Bunch of bombers on the HOD lately. Gotta go wit a Starr Destroyerr... again...
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    [Innova] Does anyone throw a Cro?

    It's not pro either, it's just early Star plastic. Definitely some of the best feeling and most durable plastic.
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    Highbridge Hills - Wisconsin

    RV hookups on the Hill would be HUGE
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    [Innova] Does anyone throw a Cro?

    Those pre-date G-star by quite a lot.
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    HOD 11/30/2023: Viking DGC Hole #2 Strum, WI

    Added a shryke into my winter bag the other day, it went far as hell, just didn't know where it was going. Apparently on this hole, it doesn't really matter. I suppose I'll give that a try here and make it a little more interesting.