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    Review by CConnors3 in course Edinboro University DGC

    3.50 star(s) So much potential Multiple "tee pads" 2-3 options & pin placements! Great baskets Solid use of campus space We'll manicured/grounds crew No actual tee pads - just tee areas Not the greatest flow, got pretty confused walking in wrong direction multiple occasions College campus course : parking...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Oshtemo Township Park

    5.00 star(s) Definite Must play Multiple tee pads to challenge all skill levels Landscaping/erosion control Wooded/technical lines Accurate distances on the signage Great park for a disc golf course Go for a birdie fest from the short pads or thread some needles from the longs and reward yourself with some...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Centerville DGC

    5.00 star(s) A must play! Mach X baskets Signage Elevation changes Various distances and shot shapes Short tee pads I was visiting Centerville on my way up to Wisconsin and played a round here- wow was I happy I did! This course has everything- brand new baskets, great signage to navigate the course easily...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Lake Durant DGC

    5.00 star(s) A must play! Great variety of shot shapes and distances Multiple tee pads and pin placements Mandos, fairly flat, great use of park space! Water hazards, concrete tee pads, great signage! Another McCabe gem! N/A If the park can keep up with the maintenance of this course- this will turn out to...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Flat Creek DGC

    5.00 star(s) Your new favorite course around Austin! The property itself is stunning. The drive to the property makes you excited to see what is in store for the Flat Creek Winery and disc golf course for sure! Great owners and staff who do a lot of the landscaping and upkeep around the course. - Designated...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Mossy Bluff DGC

    4.00 star(s) A lot of fun Free- Not pay to play Beautiful park Easy to follow tee signs and layout Signage directing to next hole- good flow Concrete tee pads that are big enough for your run up The elevation that's available is incorporated in the design of the course- uphill and downhill holes, sloping...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course White River DGC

    3.50 star(s) Worth it Old ball golf course style of shots. Elevation and water hazards challenge you for placement shots Variety of distances and lines to play on every hole Great baskets Concrete and level tee pads on long and short tees Great tee signs with accurate distances and tips for each hole At...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Root River Parkway DGC

    4.00 star(s) Root River Remixed New long tee pads, fresh cut fairways that will still be very challenging when everything settles down from foot traffic, new hole designs/layouts, better usage of the acreage available, P2P MKE County Parks Department Course needs a parking lot. Thank you to all the hard...
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    The Amateur Championships at Bowling Green

    Can't wait for this tournament! It's -34 degrees here in Milwaukee with the wind chill, so can't wait to get some dg in warmer weather. Shout out to Pandamonium Discs, check us out at the Flymart for the freshest looking gear on the market.
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    Fond du Lac Fundraiser BYOB Doubles

    This is a best shot bring your own partner doubles event at Rollin Ridge on saturday December 7. The main purpose of the tournament is to raise money for the new Fond Du Lac course being built. There will be 2 divisions PRO and AM. PRO will play one round from the longs and one round from the...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Estabrook Park

    4.00 star(s) - Easy access to park when coming from any direction - Two practice baskets about 40' apart from each other: makes for a fun way to warm up at different distances - Brand new tee signs with accurate distances and wood chips thanks to Robert Bawden, GLDGC, MAD and other volunteers - Great course...
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    Check out my disc golf website: Thank you!

    Check out my disc golf website: Thank you!
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    Current course conditions

    Hey guys, thanks for all the support for our trip, I (Casey Connors) will also be joining ACESwilddd (Max McCollow) for this and really appreciate all this information. @DavidSauls- we've been in touch for Stoney Hill and look forward to playing there! @AdamH- thanks for the tournament heads up...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Dretzka Park - Winter

    5.00 star(s) I play this course on average about 3x/week because it's the best course in the Greater Milwaukee area during the winter season. They've mixed it up compared to the past few years' layouts with new holes, pin locations and tee pads. Great usage of the terrain and elevation changes throughout the...
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    Review by CConnors3 in course Dretzka Park

    5.00 star(s) I play this course probably around 150 days each year and cannot say enough about it. I absolutely love it and want to increase it's reputation for any first timers who are lucky enough to play it. Nothing! They remove their baskets for the winter time but only to install the winter course...