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Recent content by cefrolfer

  1. cefrolfer

    [Offer] Ching Velocity

    Ching Velocity up for sale. Unsure of the weight, definitely has some wear but a cool disc nonetheless. Taking offers, Thanks!
  2. cefrolfer

    [Selling] 2020 GBO Players Pack bundle

    Take the whole pack for $100 shipped. Just wanting to get rid of this stuff. This is pretty much everything from the GBO players pack except a coffee mug, a bag of coffee and a few other random items. Not selling items individually. Send me a pm, thanks. 2020 GBO Sweater/Hoodie - Gray - Medium...
  3. cefrolfer

    [Selling] 2020 GBO players pack clothes and discs

    2020 GBO players pack clothes and discs (re-posted as a package deal) Deleted/re-posted as a package deal.
  4. cefrolfer

    [Selling] Selling as a lot - 65 discs + stool - Sweet deal

    65 premium discs for sale + a stool for sale as a lot. I stopped playing competitively about a year ago, and decided to get rid of some of my extra gear. I'm not interested in selling the discs individually. PM me if you have any questions on specific discs, otherwise, basically all of the discs...
  5. cefrolfer

    [Selling] Like New Innova Discatcher Sport Basket For Sale!

    Selling a barely used discatcher sport. $110 + shipping. Great practice basket and it's also very portable. PM me if you're interested!
  6. cefrolfer

    [Selling] For sale! Over 60 NEW or LIKE NEW discs! And a Discatcher Sport!

    Check my other post in the marketplace. Took this one down.
  7. cefrolfer

    [Wanted] I need your overstable forces!

    Looking for the most overstable forces out there! Preferably z plastic and poptop. But am interested in any super overstable forces. PM me!