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    Plantar Fasciitis

    The orthotics would be the best option but the price does stand in the way for many people. The ice trick works well- i have people use a frozen water bottle or a 'frozen' golf ball to roll on their arches. Also stay away from Chuck Taylors, Toms, flip-flops- anything that lacks support of the...
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    How long did it take you to finally get it?

    I've been playing for a few years now but only this summer started playing with people that were mch better than I am but it has realy helped. I'm feeling the snap on driving, extending my D and feeling much more comfortable inside the circle. As others have said, there will always be room for...
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    Religious Discs?

    Great one
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    [Innova] Viking better in DX or Champ?

    love my champ but i've never thrown a DX so I may be missing something and don't even know it. My champ has a very predictable flight, slight turn through the whole flight with a mild fade at the end to give a lie that is usually dead striaght in front of me about 300 - 325
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    Just an odd thing I noticed...

    HAHA that's exactly what i was thinking!!
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    HOD 06/05/12: Riverbend Park in Palisade, CO

    FLX Buzzz W/ slight anhyzer.
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    Roc / Buzzz ...or Both?

    There you go.... I also carry a demon for FH or when I need a really hard turn or skip.
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    Omega SS putters

    That's what i was trying figure out. I think the mold has changed over time BC mine is very shallow and the newer runs are deeper like a aviar or warlock.
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    Omega SS putters

    I picked up a Omega 1.19 a while back and really like how it flies. I held a new 1.3something, one at the store a few days ago and it did not have the same feel at all, more like a warlock i thought. I would love to find a few other 1.19 but didn't know much about them or how hard they are to...
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    Help us out, vote for frisbee golf

    Looks like you make get it man. Have fun!
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    Heel Pain

    OP, Where excactly is the pain, front of the heel, back, dead center on the bottom? Which foot is it and how do you throw? It could be 'fallen arches' or it could be a stress fracture. what kind of exam did the chiro do?
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    Something to consider...please leave input

    I don't carry one with me but I did give a kid and old eagle a while back. I was doing some field work and he started helping me retrieve my discs so I had to give him someting to get statrted
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    [FSOT] Get these out of my house!

    PM sent on viking
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    Looking to disc down? What should I go to?

    an Eagle or Teebird would be great choices. I like a banshee for flick shots and it's about the same speed asthe other two.